Friday, April 08, 2005

What a finish!

Well, the bonus chase at Poker Room has come to an interesting end. What a wild ride it was. As you have read it started with me getting torn up at the limit tables and at one point I was $210 down (Only $180 bonus).

So I switched to no limit in hopes of at least coming out with a little money ahead and just chalk this one up to variance. I have had some success at the $25 NL tables before so off I went. So today I cashed out -$24 not including bonus. In about 3 days I have made $175 in profit at the NL tables. Not bad considering all have not been winning sessions.

I can now add another chapter of knowledge to my NL education. I am still making some big mistakes looking back at poker tracker stats, like calling big bets and/or raises when I should be laying them down. Reading the flush draw is easy but that straight draw gives me problems sometimes. Just hard to believe with a 2468T rainbow board and you with 44 and you get re-raised that he was sitting on 53o but he was calling you down with something. Back to what I posted before, they call with a monster and re-raise with anything else. Lessoned learned and it only cost me $18. Got a little studing to do before I move to the $50 NL games. At least plug the big leaks!

I have about 6000 hands I can go study now. Biggest winner was AA which I got 34 times and won 91%! Biggest loser was 44(see above) which I got 20 times and won 5%. They were also my biggest winner/loser avg. per hand. Just because it is here…..The “Most Likely to Look Down and See in the Blind Award” goes to – 32o (23 times). Top 5 winning hands were pocket pairs, top 5 losing hands were pocket pairs and interestingly enough…about the same groupings of pairs. So time for a night off before I start the quest over at Absolute Poker and do the Empire reload. (Bonus Code: EPMANIA)


Never a dull moment in blogger land!

Iggy says: Lets give a blogger a chance!

Congrats to Pauly for his new Vegas assignment covering the upcoming WSOP.

Maudie draws a line in the sand! (According to my wife, she found my first grey hair yesterday. Yea Right!)

Leave a joke for Felecia.

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