Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All!

Just to keep mine on a positive note I am quitting poker for the rest of the year.

Last day of 2005 SUCKED!

45 minute session:

KK four times in 7 hands - Won 1
Best hand on flop 8 times - Beat on Turn 7
Best hand on Turn 16 times - Won 3

All in all, 2005 was a great year for poker. Made more this year than last which is always good. Think I have made some strides in the understanding of the game and thankfully there are still plenty fish in the sea and I am not the smallest one. Granted I am not the biggest either but I am growing.

I hope everyone has a great and SAFE New Year's Eve and see ya next year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a great Christmas. For some neat stories about the Vegas blogger trip, read some of the people on my blog roll. Looks like all had another great time.

I have had a couple downturns where variance has caught up with me but overall still up good and playing good poker. I must pause and pat myself on the back for some great patience shown lately after what was an abnormally great run of cards started to get caught on the river by some not so abnormal bad play. The best was when one player called three bets blind versus my AA with 64 sooooted and hitting runner runner flush to beat my set. I could only laugh though and ended up getting even with him later with another set that busted him so all was right in the universe again.

The holidays have consumed most of my time lately. I love Christmas time but I hate shopping, go figure! I have done well this year, I'm done with all the shopping and I haven't given one early gift yet! That is a weakness of mine. Go get the perfect gift and end up shopping again at the last moment because I cracked and gave it early.

The only "down" about this year is that my 8 year old finally figured out Santa. Damn school system. It was a good run though huh? 8 years old before he figured it all out. He was cool though, he still sent a letter to Santa and told me he was just "making sure". I about died laughing. I can't wait, I think I am worst than the kids. I know I am getting an Ipod (I picked it out) and the new Chris Ferguson WSOP game for PS2. With my son getting the PSP, I might just sit down Christmas day and shuffle me up some tunes and win a bracelet!

Speaking of winning, I play at what is turning out to be a regular Friday night game with some family and friends. $10 tournament with anywhere between 9-16 players on any given night. I have had numerous third and second place finishes and finally broke through with a win Friday. I told them about the Head Hunter tournaments at JetSet and everyone brought $2 extra for their bounty. I ended up taking out 5 and winning it all. Not a bad little pay day.

Well I guess that is it, maybe till after Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone and Be Careful!

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What a Run!

Ok, while must of you were living it up in Vegas (hint of jealousy), I have literally been doing no wrong for about a month. I am up HUGE!. What do I contribute it to?

A little bit to the fact that I understand what I am doing better, a little bit more because I am playing well, a bit more because I am getting hit in the face with the deck every other session and A LOT more because of luck.

Understanding - I am laying down second best hands and rarely been wrong.
Playing Well - Hammering strong hands on missed flops and forcing folds.
Hit with deck - Unbeleivable starting hands holding up over and over.
Luck - Me (KsQh) Opponent (KdQs) both flop a inside straight draw and the 4th spade hits on the river. :)

In the same vain as not boring you with bad beat stories, I will not bore you with top pair holding up on flush boards. I will leave you with this joke my mother-in-law sent me:

The Bridge

A man walking along a SanFrancisco, beach was deep in prayer. Suddenly, the sky clouded above his head and, in a booming voice, the Lord said, "Because you have TRIED to be faithful to me in all ways, I will grant you one wish." The man said, "Build a bridge from SanFrancisco to Hawaii, so that I can drive over anytime I want." The Lord said, "Your request is very materialistic. Think of the enormous challenges for that kind of undertaking. The supports for the bridge required to reach the bottom of the Pacific! The concrete and steel it would take! It will nearly exhaust several natural resources. I can do it, but it is hard for me to justify your desire for worldly things. Take a little more time and think of something that would honor and glorify me."

The man thought about it for a long time. Finally he said, "Lord, I wish that I could understand my wife. I want to know how she feels inside, what she's thinking when she gives me the silent treatment, why she cries for no reason, what she means when she says nothing's wrong, why she is sniping at me for no reason, why she is all anger one moment and all love the next, and
how I can make her truly happy?." The Lord replied without pausing for a moment, "You want two lanes or four on that bridge from SanFrancisco to Hawaii?"
Till Next Time!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Winning and Losing

Winning ang losing is a constant battle for poker players. Running bad or good, playing well or not, is it just variance, all come up in one way or another. This is a VERY good read in my opinion on the subject posted on 2+2. I like some of the points this player makes:

We poker players always think we are better than we actually are. We think we are farther along than we actually are. That is why losses hit us so hard. We think we are invincible. We don’t “deserve” to lose. Well guess what, everyone deserves everything they get in poker. Luck doesn’t exist in the long term. If you lose over a proper sample size it’s because you didn’t have the edge you thought you had.

I think this was well said and overlooked must of the time by most players. Everyone seems to understand "the long term" but most miss the point about losing over a sample size. This is where varience seems to catch the most flack. Variance is a part of poker life but you can still work to control how big a swing it is.

Winning at poker is dangerous. Very dangerous. We are all more results oriented than we think we are. We think if we win its because we were supposed to, and when we lose its because of variance.

The fact is that good and bad runs will come and are you good enough to take advantage of them both. It takes a lot of study time for both. Did I get the max value out of my cards during the good run and did I lose the minimum amunt during the bad run.

Losing is a part of winning. Throughout the long streaks, where the right-most column in your spreadsheet will keep reading “0,” you have to be able to be objective. Don’t assume you are playing bad, but don’t assume its only variance. The only way you can know what it is, is to be super critical with yourself. Even when you are playing well, you will make stupid plays, but how often?

This is where I need the most work at. Studying my play during the good runs. I think we all tend to take too much credit in the good run and forget to look back and see the tiny mistakes that missed us a bet here and a bet there. Maybe the hand that we made a "good fold on" that had the pot odds to go on with and we would have won with on the river. Didn't matter much at the time because we where up big but when the ugly end of variance raises its head, those bets here and there and pots dropped will make a difference. If you stop and think that 1-2 BB/hour is the average, it doesn't take that big a mistake to wipe out a whole hour of work.

Studying during the bad runs is probably what most players do normally. Even then I think we sway towards studying the unbeleivable draws that came in against us and trying to figure out where it went wrong. Not only will that happen but I am glad it does. That's how money is made. I need to study harder the hands that I played wrong altogether and start working on those areas.

I could probably ramble about this forever. Most subjects that hit close to home I can ramble on about. Go read the article, it was a great look inside a poker players summer.

Till Next Time

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Peaceful Easy Feeling

….and I feel better about my limit hold'em game now than I ever have, and I know I'm learning again, which is fantastic.


In a zone, focused, on a run or whatever you want to call it, I’m there. I’d like to think that –EV nailed it though. Though I have had more winning sessions than losing, I can not honestly say I am winning more than my fair share. I am winning at an alarming BB an hour rate that will eventually level itself out for sure. There is a difference though in my game. What do I think it is? I have come to an understanding.

I am not as articulate as Hank, or a good communicator like Pauly, or the master of the uber-post or even good under So-Co. That’s why I like this blog. It makes me try to put into words what I have learned and I think I am getting better at it.

I have reached another plateau in my poker career. This one came quietly and without much fan fair or fireworks. I didn’t wake up and say “A HA!” or shout from the mountain top. To be up front about it, I missed it all together. I can not tell you when it happened but ironically can tell you it happened while I was not playing poker a lot.

All the information I have put into my head has finally gelled together into a usable mass of information. I finally have a solid foundation of the poker basics I can call on when I need it. I found this out over the last couple weeks when I would not only make a certain play but I caught myself explaining to myself why this play was the right play. I found that the hands I would put my opponents on were getting more specific and I am getting more accurate.

It as taken me over a year to confidently write this and get to this comfort level but I can now say I am top 1 or 2 at every limit table I sit at in my level. Looking back, I can see that I pushed limits a little to fast. Though I am not sure anyone could have told me any different at the time, but I will agree that money is not the only reason you move up limits.

I wish I could say that is that but we all know it doesn’t work that way. I believe now I am ready for more information and to expand my horizons a bit more. I know I have higher limits to obtain. As –EV said, I am learning again, which is fantastic!

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dynamically Speaking

I started my time back to poker at Pacific Poker like I said before, because it was new to me and I wanted to come back to something new and different. Having no Pacific hands in Poker Tracker and starting fresh, I bought the $10 Hand Grabber program for Pacific and started to go to work. Also found out I could data mine with the Hand Grabber program which came in real helpful!

I started at $1/$2 and had a big winning streak right off the bat. I then decided to move up to the $2/$4 tables and my winning streak continued until recently and the “leveling off’ begun. I was at a ~7 BB pace for 700+ hands so I knew it was coming. After studying my play, I decided that it was still solid and improving so I moved up to $3/$6 which I was at before I took my hiatus. Currently up at the $3/$6 level.

I am telling you that story so I can tell you about this observation. While playing and data mining at the $1/$2 level, I would play with 3-4 auto rated “fish” at every table. Sprinkle in a couple Taz’s (Loose/Aggressive), a good player and the rest calling stations.

Moving up to $2/$4 I expected a little better play and got just that, a little. Take out a Taz and add an eagle and that was it. Fish population seemed to stay the same. The last table had 6 auto rated fish at it! That was tooo many. Everyone was drawing at something at that table. I should have left….’nuff said.

Moving up to $3/$6 I really expected a bump up in play. I just left a table with 3 fish, 2 Taz and a calling station. Made good money and the reads are easy.

Funny how there was an exponential rise in table minimums and table pots but the table dynamic stayed the same through 3 levels. Every now and then a thread will pop up or article will appear that suggests the boom is over and poker is diminishing in numbers. I’m no expert and can not argue either side of that point. I can comment on my little sample and say that there are still plenty of people out there willing to throw away money to a decent player with a little patience.

For all those mired in the micro limits working there way up and saying, “Can’t wait to play higher so people will not call my raises with crap”, wish on. It is happening here also. By the way, that is terrible logic, but that will be another post. There are plenty here willing to call $6+ on any two soooooted and ANY draw. That’s why we play poker though.

So tonight as I close the books and tally up the score (in my favor this time), I raise a glass to all of those that called my value raises versus my nut hands and called me down with ace high. I salute you for missing that gut shot though you paid dearly for it and just falling short with that bottom pair. I know tomorrow is another day and you will be armed and ready to battle again, so until then………Thank You!

Till Next Time!

Empire Strikes Back

I can sum up last nights session like this:

Fold 25 straight hands
Get a hand and miss flop
Fold 25 straight hands
Get a hand and miss flop
Fold 25 straight hands
Get a hand and get sucked out
Win a small pot
Repeat for 4 hours

So to not bore you to death, looks like Empire wants to strike back!

Empire Online sues PartyGaming
By Miles Costello

Internet gaming website Empire Online has acrimoniously cancelled takeover talks with PartyGaming and launched a legal action against the operator of PartyPoker after it ringfenced its customers from rival sites.

Empire Online, which runs, said it had "terminated discussions" with PartyGaming after the group came back to the company with a second takeover proposal "at a level that cannot be recommended".

Having initially tabled an all-share offer that valued Empire Online at 10 per cent of an enlarged group - approximately £400 million - Empire said PartyGaming "made a revised proposal that is significantly different both in terms of the price and structure".

Although Empire did not state the level of PartyGaming's offer - which it said came after "a protracted due diligence process and continued delays in the timetable" - the second tilt was almost half the first and also contained a cash element.

PartyGaming later confirmed its offer for the business and assets of Empire Online was worth roughly 60p a share, valuing the company at about £175 million.

Of the proposed legal action it said: "To the extent that any action is forthcoming, PartyGaming is highly confident of a successful outcome."

John Shepherd, director of corporate communications at PartyGaming, added: "They're clutching at straws."

But as it pledged to investigate "commercial strategic opportunities" and reiterated its profits targets after the collapse of the talks, Empire said it planned "to institute and vigorously pursue legal proceedings" against PartyGaming.

This comes five weeks after PartyGaming took steps to end its formal links with its "skins" - the websites such as Empire Online that make money by directing gambling traffic to its group websites.

"The directors of Empire Online have explored whether legal action might be taken ... in relation to damage caused to it by the conduct of companies within the PartyGaming group in separating the poker system used by PartyGaming players from that of its skins," Empire said.

"Having received legal advice, the directors intend to institute and vigorously pursue legal proceedings as soon as possible."

It has already warned that profits for the full year will fall by 10 per cent as a result of PartyGaming's move.

Empire, led by chief executive Noam Lanir, said it has received several "commercial strategic approaches" over the past few months and said it would pursue talks with the parties involved, which it did not name. It said its strategy in relation to would depend on the outcome of any legal action against PartyGaming.

It said that its businesses that have no relationship with PartyGaming, including Club Dice and Noble Poker, are on course to make profits after tax of about $37 million (£21.5 million).

It said profits at Empire Poker, which as a poker website does have a relationship with PartyGaming, "could be impacted" by the commercial changes and by the outcome of the proposed lawsuit.

Just last week, PartyGaming redrew its relationships with its other skins - parting company with Coral Eurobet and effectively buying out and

Shares in Empire Online dropped nearly 5 per cent (down 3p) to 60.5p in early deals. PartyGaming lost 1.5p (a fall of more than 1.5 per cent) to 96.5p
Till Next Time!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Still Going!

Just like the bunny.

Pacific has been great so far. I am about half way through with the wagering requirements and really have nothing bad to say about the site other than you can not multi table.

I have had the losing sessions and the bad beats (One two outer on river and one 94 sooooted calling my three bet cold vs. AA only to flop 4x4) All in all though I am up and the site is paying off well. You will definately need the stomach for it though. I must say I like my little fish bowl!

Bet365 is having a $25K freeroll on the 26th of November at 15:00. Entry is free, there are no raked hands requirements and there are cash prizes for the top 1000 places. 10,000 max entrants but the winner gets $3,000. Probably a huge crap shoot till first break but how do you not try this for free!

Saw this this weekend...hmmmm, someone is getting fired!

Coupon Misprints Could Cost Casino Millions

A misprint may end up costing an Illinois casino millions of dollars.Harrah's Joliet Casino said there was a mistake in about 11,000 coupons mailed to customers last week. Instead of being worth $15 or $20 apiece, each had a face value of $525 in cash. The company blames the error on a third-party vendor.Dozens of gamblers crowded Harrah's customer service desk on Friday, and got angry when the casino refused to redeem the coupons. Customers were encouraged to trade the coupons for reward points. Some did, but others decided to keep their slips of paper.The Illinois Gaming Board ruled that Harrah's must honor the coupons. All told, the company could be liable for as much as $5.8 million.
Hope all had a great weekend!

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What a Difference

I use to give advice that a couple days away from poker was a good thing and we all needed it. I still whole heartedly agree with that concept but now begin to wonder if it isn't long enough.

I have been away from constant poker now for over 6 weeks. I have continued my work on the site as well as play in the weekly 72os freeroll league but for the most part haven't sat down to "grind it out" for a while. Now with the family getting back to normal operations after grandpa's passing and kids back in school, I have gotten back into a daily routine of playing.

I picked Pacific Poker to start mainly because I haven't been there and just felt like starting something new would be a good way to get back into things. I bought the handgrabber for Poker Tracker to get the Pacific hand histories and also had to reload it from the hard drive crash and reset the auto rater. See, I had done nothing to prepare for this.

I started back at $1/$2 just to get my feet wet again and figure I would rapidly move back up after I cleared the bonus and felt comfortable. Well, I must say I fell back into this smoothly. I am not saying my game isn't a little rusty, I'm a little slow reading other peoples hand's as well as reading betting sign's but I am soooo relaxed.

I have had one losing session out of 4 and my three wins have been big and the losing one rather small. I am enjoying the game much more as well as being very patient. Of course the patience is rather easy when you know you will get paid off when the big one comes around. I am a lot more on top of the emotional side of the game now and can see clearer the burn out I was starting to experience.

I had written before about losing my patience and I was not really in the moment when I played. A losing hand or session would quickly put me on edge and I started to second guess my game as well as poker as a whole. I guess it took me this long to realize how far gone I had gotten and now I feel sharp again and ready to deal with the inevitable's.

I know enough to realize that there will be losing sessions and suck outs and bad beats. I think I know enough now to see when a break will be needed and hopefully smart enough to make that break long enough. I never considered weeks away from the game to be a good thing. I guess I was wrong. My advice to everyone from now on will be "Take as much time as you need to actually forget about the game and then return"

Monday, November 14, 2005

Pacific Poker

Man, welcome back!

BB/100 hands - +25.75
Went to Showdown - 11.11%
Won at Showdown - 100%
First hand won - KJo late with a K on flop and J on turn and Ax calling me down with ace high :).
Worst beat - AA to 86o

Ok, it was only a small 1 1/2 hour session but it was my first session in over a month! So a quick reveiw of Pacific Poker since this is my first time there.


Bonus - It is $100 which in now a days standards may be low but they give it to you up front like the casinos do and you can use it. Must wager $2000 before cashing bonus. Not a bad deal.

Comp Points - Every 100 comp points gets you $1. May not be a lot but I like the concept of loyalty = money.

SnG's - Ok, I am no expert at these and they do start you with only 800 chips BUT they have low limit 4 table tournaments that pay well. I played in a $2.50 one that payed 1-3 $50 - $30 and $20 respectively. Not bad and no breaks so they play rather quickly. (I finished 5th)

Software - I like that the chat is totally seperate and you don't see it unless you want to. Software is OK fast and I never had connect problems. (I am on DSL)

Layout - This will go in both lists. Very user friendly. Don't have to go searching through tabs to find what you are looking for. All right there in lobby. Tables on one side, tournaments on other.

Play - So far seems very fishy. No draw to remote or pair to low to call you down with. Good tight aggreesive play will win a lot of money but just be prepared for the suck outs to take a big pot or two.


Multi table - you can not multi table at Pacific. Trust me, you can make just as much at one table (LOL)

Layout - For me the tables are too dark. I know that is minor but it bugs me.

Pop Ups - There are not a lot of options to customize the look and feel of the site and like must sites now a days have little pop up announcements for there tournaments that just irk me. To me it is like a fly that will not go away. They were few and far between but still a pet peeve of mine.

There you have it folks....POKER CONTENT!!

Till Next Time!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Poker content to Come

Funny thing. I haven't got any money anywhere right now and for the life of me can not decide where I want to play at. Like Professional Poker Player™, I also don't want to download all those sites again and would like to stay with about 5.

After the recent hard drive crash I haven't had any reason to download many sites. I know I am going to stick to Poker Tracker sites from now on with Absolute Poker, Pacific, and UB being three of the five. Since I have not been to Pacific Poker, I'll will try it next. I have set Monday as my "Get Back to Reality" day and hope to have full poker content of aces being cracked and long draws coming in on the river to beat me real soon.

Have a Great Weekend!

Till Next Time!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


At around 1:30pm on Sunday, my grandpa died. It was peaceful and for that I am grateful. I am 38 years old and in the last two weeks have have learned a lot about the human spirit. Over the last two weeks when he was able, he would ask how granny was doing and was she ok, all the whilel taking morphine every hour for his pain. Grandpa was 78 years old and by his own admission, didn't have any regrets. He lived his life to the fullest and did what he wanted.

He will me missed and will always be a hero.

Again I would like to thank everyone for the emails, IM's and comments. They are appreciated greatly.


It is time now to get back in the saddle. Since the Pokershare fiasco, I guess I have to find somewhere else to play. Good thing about this is that I haven't played anywhere for so long it will all be new again. Maybe I will go with who ever offers the next re-load bonus. Odds on favorite for that will be Absolute Poker!


Monday, October 24, 2005

New Job

Not really but I am now on the morning grandpa watch. I go over at 9am and stay till 3pm. I can't understand how a man that sleeps more than is awake can tire me out so. That 2 hours time he is awake is non stop action.

He gets real confused when we keep giving him medicine. He asked today that since he doen't hurt any more, why does he need medicine? I tried to explain to him that it is because of the medicine that he doesn't hurt. I try hard not to lie to him any when he is in a coherent state. He understands that he has cancer and is not going to be around much longer (when the medicine isn't messing with him). So after a rather lengthy explanation by me today as to why he was taking the medicine, he just looked at me and said "Oh" and went back to sleep.

I realized today that there is a good chance I will be there when he passes away. That bothered me for a moment. Not sure why.

I'm not playing any poker right now. Don't think I could concentrate. I am taking books with me and re-reading them though. Small Stakes Holdem now. Trying to stay as sharp as I can.

Thanks to all that have emailed their support and I will be getting back to poker real soon.

Till Next Time!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Life Catches Up

Atlantic City for me has been called off. A call from hospice saying that family members should stay close. Everytime the phone rings now, we look at each other, hoping this isn't the last call.

You think you are prepared but not really. The family has known for a while that grandpa was going to die. The experts said he had till the summer. The experts didn't know grandpa. Grandpa is a Man. I knew that there was no way he was leaving this earth until everyone, especially grandma, was taken care of. Since we found out the diagnosis, he had sold his house, re-done my aunts house, moved in with her, made sure grannnie has no financal needs ever again and kept a promise to see a grandson graduate from boot camp. All this with pain. Enough pain at times to cause tears in his eyes.

He was the main reason me and my family moved back home. He was a rock in my life and you could always count on him to be there. I am very close to my mother and my father but they split and eventually divorced when I was thirteen. So over the years there was a lot of firsts with grandpa. We shared my first bike, fish, mini-bike and go-cart. He loved to hunt, so my first BB-gun, pistol, rifle and shotgun experience came from him. My only new car I ever owned came with his help. Then he preceded to teach me how new cars are a waste of money and I have never had one since.

My visits now have gone from once a week to once a day. He is getting to much for grannie to handle. Today finding him across the house when I got there and too tired to get back to his room. We walked together back to his bed, all the time talking about something. With all the drugs, you never really know where his mind is anymore. When we got to his bedside he looked at me and said thanks. No grandpa, Thank You.

I am closer to 40 than 30 now. Hell, I'm closer to 40 than 35 now. I have my own family and responsibilities. I can only hope that we my time comes, I will be half the man he is.

Till Next Time!

Monday, October 17, 2005

I Did It!

After 6 events of NL tounraments, I held on to finish FIRST in the 72os Freeroll Tour. 6 weeks in a row of solid poker. Who knew I had it in me! With over 100 people a week, I consider this a good accomplishment.

I am not much of a tournament player. Actually, other than these tournaments, I play about 1 other tournament and/or SnG a month. Well, not this month I guess with trying to qualify for the Pacific Poker $50K tournament but usually thats the case. Needless to say I am proud of myself.

Not sure if this is real or a hoax, it was emailed to me. If it's real...DAMN!

This crocodile was found in New Orleans swimming down the street. 21 FT long, 4,500 lbs, around 80 years old minimum. Specialists said that he was looking to eat humans because he was too old to catch animals. This crocodile was killed by the army last Sunday at 3:00 pm, currently he is in
the freezer at the Azur hotel. The contents of it's stomach will be analyzed
this Friday at 2:30pm


Atlantic City FRIDAY! Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till Next Time!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I am NOT implying that these people are not pros or that they are not VERY good at what they do but is the full time poker player, playing for a living, becoming extinct?

Lets see, Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, John Juanda, Jennifer Harman, Phil Gordon, Erick Lindgren, Erik Seidel, Clonie Gowen, Andy Bloch (Team Full Tilt); Phil Hellmuth Jr., Annie Duke, Antonio Esfandiari, Dave Ulliot, Jim Worth, Russ Hamilton, John Vorhaus (Team Ultimate Bet), Gus Hansen (Team Poker Champs), Mark Seif (Team Absolute Poker), Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, Tom McEvoy, Wil Wheaton, Isabelle Mercier, Evelyn Ng (Team Poker Stars, Josh Arieh (Team Bodog), Doyle Brunson (Doyles Room) and the list could and does and will go on and on. Congrats to these guys also. They have stuck to the grind and now it is finally paying off. Close to being household names.

Who can blame them? Jumping on the poker popularity bandwagon only makes since. We all realize poker is not an easy living so if you can find a way to make a little (or a lot) of money on the side…..why not right?

Then again maybe I have toooo much time on my hands this Sunday!


Everyone I am sure has the last bullet loaded in the chamber and ready to fire at me tonight. The last event before the championship in the 72os Freeroll Tour. I have been near the top all year and my lead going in is shaky at best. This is the Wild Card Event. It will replace a missed event or a bad showing in an event and can really shake up the standings. Just need to have one more solid game and it will not matter. Wish me luck.

If you want a relaxing 6 weeks of tournament play with not only some real nice people but some very good players, come join us for Season 7. It is a learning experience playing these tournaments and doesn’t cost a dime.

Til Next Time!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I got this from my 7 yr old from arts and crafts at school. Kinda wonder how the conversation went with his teacher.

Son: That's my daddy
Teacher: Whats he doing?
Son: Playing poker.
Teacher: Do you watch him?
Son: Yep, all the time. My dad is always playing.
Teacher: Oh really now!

I expect a call from Social Services any day now. I'm glad my kids know what I do. Neither has shown a strong interest yet. My 13 year old daughter has boys and my son still see's it more like a Playstation 2 game than anything else. I'm not sure either of them understand what poker is doing though. I am talking about the good things poker has done.

The season passes to the amusement park, the new school clothes, Playstation 2 games, contacts for daughter, eating out and all the other little extras I can do now with the extra income. Of course the big picture like college and extra savings and retirement account now that my wife is working is a big plus also. I never tell my kids "poker paid for this" or "poker allows us to do that". I don't think it matters much or that they really care how we do these things, as long as we can keep doing them. That's fine with me. If an interest ever develops, I will be more than happy to show them "the ropes". I just hope they show an interest AFTER they get jobs and have their own money! (LOL)

Till Next Time!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Time's They are a Changin'

So Party Poker has decided to keep its players (pdf) to itself it seems. Wonder what will happen to all the rest of the skins now. Empire should be fine with Noble Poker( that deal makes sense now).

Not sure if I talked about it hear but I told some friends a few months back that it will not be long before the big will start eating the small. I think this is just the beginning. Rumors abound about who is buying who and who is switching to what network. Will just be one big poker family before long.

Speaking of the family, after 6 events I am still leading the 72os Freeroll Season 6. One more shot to take me out will be Sunday's Wild Card event. This event can be used to replace a finish in the previous 6 events or make up for a missed event. Funny how I thought this was a needed game to allow for people to miss an event and still have a chance. Now I wish it was never created...LOL. My worst finish so far has been 49th. Best thing I can do is make another final table and put it away. Top 40 make the $100 Championship game but like I posted earlier, so close now, really don't want to lose it. Finished 8th in last one and I have put together 6 weeks of some good poker. Hopefully can put in one more good night.

Haven't played a lot of poker lately. Have a few side projects going and taking up much of my time. Going to Atlantic City on the 21st-24th and I am getting stoked about that. Going to be a fun time and hope to get atleast one live MTT in before I leave. Maybe by the time I have freed enough time to play again there will be only one big poker room to choose from..LOL!

Till Next Time!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Interesting proposal

Interesting way to get turned around fast. Found it on Yahoo. Yea, could have linked it but have no other news :).

NEW ORLEANS - Mayor C. Ray Nagin on Friday said he wants to allow Las Vegas-style gambling in the city's larger hotels as a way to jump-start the economy after Hurricane Katrina.

The plan calls for a large-scale gambling area in the city's central business district, stretching from Interstate 10 on the west to the Mississippi River on the east.

"Now is the time for us to think out of the box. Now is the time for some bold leadership, some decisive leadership," Nagin said.

Nagin said gambling should be allowed in hotels that have more than 500 rooms, the majority of which are near the city's famed Canal Street. The plan will require legislative approval.

Gambling is already allowed using video machines in roughly half of Louisiana's 64 parishes, but there's only one full-scale, land-based casino, operated by Harrah's Entertainment Inc., in New Orleans.

Harrah's downtown casino has been closed since shortly before Katrina hit and the company has not given a timetable for possibly reopening the gambling hall.

Also, three dockside riverboat casinos operate in the New Orleans area.

Nagin made his proposal after Katrina virtually destroyed all 13 dockside casinos on the nearby Mississippi Gulf Coast. A bill to allow operators to rebuild land casinos close to shore has been passed by both the Mississippi House and Senate. Gov. Haley Barbour has said he will sign the measure.

There are currently nine hotels in the city with more than 500 rooms; Nagin said he thought five or six hotels would add casinos.

Nagin would not speculate what would be involved in getting his casino plan passed, but said he hoped Gov. Kathleen Blanco — who has campaigned against additional gambling in Louisiana — would include it in a recently announced special session, which is scheduled for November.

"Right now we're a cash-strapped city," Nagin said.

Nagin said he is not fond of gambling, and that he wished he had another solution, "but I know of no other way."

He said Harrah's would obviously have to agree to give up its exclusive rights and acknowledged he did not think the company would "do it for free."

Harrah's spokesman Alberto Lopez declined to comment on the proposal.

"I believe it would be completely inappropriate for me to comment at this time because it's the first time I've heard of it,'" said Lopez.

Dan King, general manager of the city's Sheraton hotel, would not discount the proposal.

"I can't speak for my company. I guess all ideas are worth investigating. I don't really have a comment because I haven't studied it," he said.

Nagin said he sent a letter to Blanco earlier this week with his "out of the box" ideas.

The letter asked for a 50 percent income tax credit for any worker in the city. Nagin also asked the governor to eliminate the tax on manufacturers' debt in the city and for an income-tax-free zone for manufacturers in the city.

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Well, Well

I'm delighted to say that by playing in account XXXXXXXXXX you achieved the required number of hands to qualify for an InterPoker Cap and a copy of Doyle Brunson's Super System 2 !

But not enough to clear the $90 bonus! OK, still mad at Interpoker for the way the screwed up the monthly bonus BUT I like getting the book!!

Though I am still not sure how I did this I am not complaining. They said I should be getting both by November. I really can't wait to get my hands on that book.

Only poker for me today was watching the rerun of Doyle winning number 10 on ESPN. I love to watch him play. Only Doyle could win with T3o vs. KQo, If that was me a K or a Q would hit on the river like clock work. Lets not forget the 53o and raising 13K heads up only to see trip 5's on the flop.

Till Next Time!

Monday, October 03, 2005


Cut on the computer and it says Windows XP....then blank. Over and over and over.

RIP - Hard Drive. Thanks for the memories.

Had most everything backed up but my saved emails. There were a view that I really wanted to keep and my address book is gone. Not to bad in the way of devastation, just time consuming to get lap top back up and running. Not sure if i want to rebuy or re-build. Might be just beyond my realm of patience to re-build.

If I do I will keep case and power supply and go from there. Will have to price it out. $900 and I can get a new HP built for gaming. Guess we will see.

Finished 16th (I think) in the 72os event Sunday. May have retaken the lead with just the wild card event to go before the championship event. Points are SO close. The wild card replaces your worst finish (mine was 49th) so still can be anyones series. Nice to play consistant poker again though.... want to win it now that I am so close.

Still trying to qualify in the Pacific $30K Tournament through the freeroll and the $1 qualifiers. If I may make one comment, Damn the play there is bad. I only played one so far plus a couple SnG's but wow I can't beleive what the players there will risk there whole tournament on. Hopefully can avoid the short term luck and move on.

Till Next Time!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Puppy Dog Close

As some of you know who regular read this here blog, I have been in sales all my life. There are not to many sales techniques I haven't used or read about. The Puppy Dog has probably been used on everyone at least once in there life. They get you to use the product or service and then you want it. There are many variations and it is most successful.

AOL - 3 months free.
Car Dealer - Take it home tonight
Cell Phone - Make a call

Why do I bring this up? I got one today at Pacific Poker. A simple email: We have deposited $5 in your new account. Come play!"

It all started when I was forwarded an email by a friend about this tournament:

A new tournament has been added to the poker tournament lobby in the $50/100K tab.
It is the $50,000 Guaranteed tournament. Satellites for this tournament are currently running.
The specs of the tournament are as follows:

Name: $50,000 Guaranteed
$65 + $5
Fridays at 20:00 PPT/8PM ET starting on September 30th
Daily Freerolls and satellites start as low as $1 + $0.10

I have a dream to win a big prize starting out with a freeroll. Stupid and a long shot but heck, it's free. Knowing this, he sent me this email and I downloaded the site last night and signed up for an account. Within 24 hours, I get $5. After two 20 man $2.50 SnG's I am at $12. When I get to $1,000 I am cashing out (LOL).

This is twice this month so far...Turned a free $25 into $110 and cashed out earlier this month. Lets see if I can duplicate that!

Enough rambling, going to play in the 72os Omaha tournament tonight. This will make one time I have ever played Omaha. Better watch out, got luck going for me!

Till Next Time!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Pure Luck?

I played in the 72os event again and this time I lasted till top 25. I am in second place overall and really am happy with my play as of late. Got all my money in pre flop with AQ vs TJ and he hit runner runner straight to take me out. Not to bad losing to pure luck, that will happen every once in a while.

Speaking of pure luck, this is to all those having a ruff go of it lately. Come on, if she can, ANYONE can!

Mariah Carey won $27,000 at a poker game in Las Vegas last Friday. Carey, 35, invited at producer Jermaine Dupri's birthday party at the opening of the Tao restaurant from Venetian Hotel, visited a nearby casino to play some poker.

The Diva, who won $27,000 after just three rounds of the game, confessed she's not a poker player, so the winning was not on account of her skills. quote her as saying: "I used to play poker with my sister. But I think my low-cut dress put some of the guys off."


Planning a trip tp Atlantic City in the end of October. Starting to get stoked about it. Some of the guys from 72os will be there. I know it's going to be fun! Haven't played in a casino in a while now. Hopefully can make a tournament or two while we are there.

Racing went well this weekend. Did manage to tear the ^$%#%^ out of it in the last qualifier before the main event so I didn't get to finish. That sucked. In the last post I said it was like getting AA every hand, well, I got cracked!

Till Next time!

Friday, September 23, 2005

That sucked

Played in a 72os $2 tourney last night at Poker Host. This was our first group of buy in tournaments we are trying. Not a bad turn out of 16 people. This one was holdem. Next ones will be Omaha, Omaha H/L and 7 card stud. Should be fun. Never played Omaha or Stud.

For me, it sucked. Finished 12th. KK in BB and got folded around to. AA won a little, KK was being called down with an A on flop and I folded to river raise. He had ace. (duh) AK, 99,55,44 and 66 all lost before the first break and all in with AQ lost to 55 when I flopped a Q and he flopped a set.

Great cards, and never hit a flop. Just one of those nights that just plain sucked.

I am off the next couple days to go to a race in NC. I'm not sure anyone will recall the pics I posted a while back on the remote control car racing I do but thats where I am off to. I usually race battery powered cars but thanks to a poker withdrawal I will be purchasing and racing a gas powered car this time. I guess in the world of RC racing it equates to looking down and seeing pocket aces EVERY time in a session. (To me anyway)

I wish those in TX and LA the best. Hope Rita does as minimum damage as possible.

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


First a little background.

My grandpa was a gunner in WWII. He hung out the back of bombers and shot at enemy plans. Upon his return he got a job. He retired from that same job 45+ years later, working up from basicly clean up boy to maintainence supervisor of the paper mill plant. That job that had provided him and his family a decent living and retirement is now killin him. All the pipes at the plant were well insolated, with esbestos. My grandpa is dying.

The doctors said he had till the end of the summer. In death as in live, my grandpa is doing it his way and is still fighting it. I have always felt that the best way to honor a persons life is to share it with generations to come. In this case, to have a piece of grandpa remembered in my kids.

This is a school project by my 13 year old written just the other day.

A hero is a person noted for courage especially ones that have risked or sacrificed his or her life. My hero is my great grandpa who did risk his life for our country and is now fighting against cancer for my family. He is brave, strong, and a fighter.

Great grandpa is as strong and solid as a rock. Even Though he is facing cancer he isn’t scared of death he just lives day by day enjoying the life he has. Rather than sitting there, and letting himself slip, he fights to see our faces the next day. Fighting the pain he is in and smiling up at us and talking to us like we the most important people in the world. However, the most important trait of my hero is his willingness to give and help in whatever way he can, trying to contribute whenever needed. Sometimes giving just because he is willing and he can.

Heroes are people noted for courage and strength, and not giving into weakness. Personally I adore my great grandpa for enduring all he does everyday just to be with us and hold this family together. No matter what doctor’s say about how long he has to live, he never gives up. Courage, strength, and giving is what makes my great grandpa my hero.

Do me a favor, honor a memory today.

Till Next Time!

Monday, September 19, 2005

I Surrender

WOW - after 2 straight days of unrelenting two tabling at Interpoker I still needed a few more hands this AM to clear their bonus. Forget about the book, cheaper to buy it and faster too!! I played Omaha H/L so I could get the most bang for my raked hand bucks and still didn't clear it. I use the cryptocounter (the new one) to count the "qualifing" raked hands and I played over 1200 raked hands and still needed a few more to get the "qualifiing" raked hands to 450.

I haven't been to the crypto's in a while and will not be back to Interpoker anytime soon. I don't like the site THAT much. I guess though it works for them. If you are an all the time player there it makes for a nice bonus and you are gong to be there anyway. If not, hardly anyway you can play lower limits and clear this bonus in a months time without mutli-tabling and putting in a lot of hours. I'm not convinced you can do it part time playing there everyday at the lower limits. I guess it works for someone though. I find it strange that they offer a bonus and make it easier to clear for people playing the higher limits who don't need the bonus to begin with. I realize it is a profit thing but I would think some marketing genious would come up with a way to appease both sides. Who I'm I to argue with success.


Got knocked out fairly early (top 50ish?) in the 72os event Sunday. Limped with AQo UTG+2 and got caught when I hit a Q and BB hit 2 pair. I was screwing with the Interpoker torture and not paying close enough attention. Still in second place overall though. Have 3 events left and one of those is a Wild Card event so I can replace this one if I am close to winning the overall tour.


Turned on news and another storm headed to Gulf Coast. MIGHT be headed to Houston and is projected to be a catagory 3 by the time it hits land but they keep saying it may turn north. Right now possibly touching western New Orleans. That would suck. Bad enough it is headed towards Houston. Keep safe everyone.

Till Next Time!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Always learning...

I read somewhere, I really don't remeber, that once you read one poker book, the rest start to run together. I agree to a point. Good basic strategy is good basic strategy no matter how many different ways it is presented but I also think that reading a few different books is helpful because each author will present that strategy differently and maybe one will click with you better than the other.

I have recently pilfered my stash of players points on various sites to order:

High - Low Split Poker by Ray Zee (Just got here)

Internet Poker by Lou Krieger and Kathleen Keller Watterson (Just got here)

Poker Aces: The Stars of Tournament by Ron Rose

and an Absolute Poker cap. (Not real sure why)

Really looking forward to Ray Zee's book since Omaha H/L is a game I am trying to pick up and everyone said this is the book to read. Krieger's book I hope to pick up something I may have missed over the last few books I have read. Besides, it comes with a CD and I have to see what it does! Poker Aces has come from all the fellow bloggers talking about it back during one of the Vegas trips. (A little slow to react I know)

A little more reading never hurt anyone. Still a few I want to get. Funny thing is that there were maybe 70 books I listed under my book section of my site when I first started it about a year ago. Now I get them fed in and there are over 1200! I particularly like the How to Win at...(insert game) by someone I have never heard of.

Lastly I will be getting Super System 2 courtesy of Interpoker's Septmember Special. $90 bonus, $30 extra this weekend and 700 hands to get book and another cap. (Cool) I REALLY hope this book doesn't end up costing me an arm and a leg!

I should be pretty much educated by the end of the year, or thoroughly confused and in a padded cell.

On a non-poker related subject, I am currently wireless keyboard and mouse courtesy of Wal Mart. Went in at 11 am for tires and came out at 2 pm with 4 tires and a wireless keyboard and mouse. How can you not stay there that long and not spend money.

So I am going to spend a few days at Interpoker. I haven't been there since I moved and thought I was being polite when I updated my address for them. They promptly sent me an email and thanked me and proceeded to tell me a new pin is being sent by snail mail do to my change of address. DANG! If I knew that I would have waited till after I was done.

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Career?

So what if I missed the over/under. My first ever public pick was a winner! Maybe I should be prudent about this and quit while I am ahead and tell everyone I have a great football sense and just say that I was 100% picking games this year. Yea, right. Might as well be a donkey about it and throw out another pick next week. Who knows, might be the start of a bigger and better career!


Three weeks and I couldn't hit water if I fell out a boat. I hated poker, people who played poker, thinking of poker, you get the picture. A few weeks off later, a little lite reading, kids back in school, normalcy back in schedule and presto! My KK holds up to a river ace, the guy thats calls with any ace is missing and losing, my flopped set wins after the flush card hit on river in a multiway pot, and I don't need 18 outs to win a hand. Some of the monsters under the bed are gone. Who knew?

For the moment I think poker and I have patched things up again in our love/hate relationship. I'm not sure if this relationship is healthy but it will make a grown man cry one moment and feel invincible the next. Kinda like being married and having kids and that hasn't killed me yet.

So let it be known, "I Love You Poker!" (until you make me curse you again)

Til Next Time!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Good Night and Good Morning

Good Night

I played in the 720s Tour last night. Its a freeroll tour my buddy started that has grown into some very good and fun seasons. This is season 6 and not only has the play gotten better and better but the people are great.

About 200 meet each Sunday at 20:00 at Jetset. Need to be a member of 72os to play (free registration) Great learning experience if you are just starting out and great competition for those more experienced.

This is week two of season 6 and after a final table 5th last week I follow up with a final table 2nd this week. Maybe good enough for overall lead with 4 more to go! Thought I had taken the lead when I get HU and find JJ. Flop was all low and I go all in and get called with bottom pair. 4 hearts hit by river and I am done. Had a great time though.

Good Morning

Then I get up this morning and upon reading some of my favorite blogs find that DoubleAS found a pic that shows two of my favorite things have finally come together!

Life is good.


Some say the best thing for a hangover is a drink. I feel the same way about MNF. After overindulging in everything pigskin all weekend, I'm glad I have a little left for tonight. Should be a good game. My buddy from above really likes the Eagles so what kind of friend would I be if I didn't go on record as rooting for the Falcons tonight?

Bodog says.....

Philadelphia Eagles-2½
Atlanta Falcons+2½

Im taking the Falcons and over!

Falcons win 24 - 21

(NOTE: I suck at this.)

Till Next Time!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Always Remember

Where were you when the world stop turning?

We have moved on but we must NEVER forget

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Good and The Bad

WCOOP #8 2nd round

Well 455 entered and I finished 78th. Basicly broke down like this.

1st hour - Forgetable and finished at T1510. (Started with T1500!)

2nd hour - Little rush and finished at 75th with 105 left.

3rd hour - Card dead and out 78th.


Played a $1/$2 table at same time to keep my concentration from wondering and hit this!

Till Next Time!

Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm Moving On! Saturday at 20:00!

Thursday, September 08, 2005


First off there is a host of sites doing Katrina Relief Tournaments. For a list of the ones I know of, go to and look down the left side.


Now for poker. Yes, I said poker! I mentioned a silly quest that I was following at the ITH forum not to long ago. Well, I was going to do it as a fun way to get back in the swing of things. The whole idea in a nutshell is start with $20 at .50/$1 table. Playing your regular times, move up limits when you reach 20BB of the next limit. So to move up to $1/$2 you need $40 at the .50/$1 level. There is a link to the post below. The goal is to get to $15/$30. Someone at 2+2 posted the odds of you making it past $5/$10 was like 83% against. So its not like you would do this for the money. I have been playing at Poker Stars just to clear the last bit of their bonus and it has been interesting.

I am not trying to look down or anything but it has been A LONG time since I have been at .50/$1 and wow what a donkeyfest. Talk about no foldem holdem, this was it. Took me 156 hands to get to $40 and that was mainly due to two HUGE river suckouts. Both of the runner runner variety.

I am now at $74.50 at the $1/$2 level but as the title suggests...prioritities man! It is 6:48 EST and the football season starts in 12 minutes! New England and Oakland. Don't really pull for either team BUT IT'S FOOTBALL!

So with chips (eatable kind) and beverage of's time for the recliner. I will post update on quest soon. It started as a way to get back in the swing but I have learned some things I will share after my NFL fix.

Till Next Time!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hopefully an Omen

Hopefully I got my return to the grinding world of poker off to a good start last night. Played in the season opener of the 72os Tour last night and made the final table and ended up 5th!

Though not exactly grinding, its a NL tournament, I did show great patience and selective aggression to get there. To be honest, feels real good, even invigorating. I think I am ready for the real world again.

OK, I have been intriqued by this silly quest I have been following on ITH forum. Think I will give that a try on the side at UB. Have a little money left there and it sounds like an interesting experiment. If you read through it( page 5 or 6), someone from 2+2 gives him the odds of succeeding in this quest. I am going to try it anyway. I like a challenge.

About half way through with the re-reading of Small Stakes Holdem. There are some concepts that are a little clearer now and I am getting the "why" behind the plays a little better. I always find little things here and there that I am not doing or not taking into consideration or just plain forgot when I do this readings. I always enjoy the eye opening "OOOHH, only when this happens should I be doing this" revelations when going over the strategy parts.

So poker is looking up again BUT even better!!! Another life altering moment, Tuesday - Sept. 6th, SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!

I love my kids, I really do. Thank God for school. This is my first summer as a "house husband" and I would at this time like to get on my knees and bow down to all the mothers (and fathers) that are full time stay at home parents. Almost drove me back to work! LOL. I made it though, barely, with only minor permanent brain damage.

Doesn't seem like all things come in three's. Same here. Are You Ready For Some Football! Wow, was it nice to see that on TV again. Over the coming years Eli vs. Peyton is going to be a good match up BUT Michael vs. Marcus (Vick's) may be the most exciting match up in years to come. Guess only time will tell.

Its Quest Time so...

Till Next Time!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back to Basics

The toughest thing about success is that you've got to keep on being a success. Talent is only a starting point in this business. You've got to keep on working that talent. Someday I'll reach for it and it won't be there.
-Irving Berlin

So I am going back to the basics and begin again. Going to read Small Stakes Holdem again and deposit in Noble Poker for their $700 first deposit bonus as soon as I am done re-reading. Josh ( is making a killing in the $3/$6 games over there so, seeing that my desire to play is returning, I will start there.

I guess "begin again" is not really what is happening. I still have my bankroll and I can't really "unlearn" all that I have digested over the years so I guess it is more a shift of focus rather than a re-start. With my long background in sales, this was a common practice for me. After I would see my sales numbers slipping, I would always fine that I was skipping a step or two in the successful map I had going. So I would take a deap breathe and re-read some material and get back to doing what got me there. I think it is the same thing in poker.

I got to a point where I was out thinking myself and not playing the way I should be. I was getting outplayed by aggressive donkeys because I was trying to be cute and not aggressive myself. My game was suffering and the main problem was me. Sometimes that it a hard thing to see, much less admit to.

It is time to amp up the aggressiveness and play poker the way I know how to do it. It is back to texas holdem full time. I really enjoyed PLO8 and will continue to play, just not now. I have ordered Ray Zee's book on H/L games and will digest it before I continue on. There will be the occasional tournament or SnG but basically it will be cash ring games for the forseeable future.

It feels liberating making this decision. I am not sure the reason why. Maybe because I have finally picked one direction, a familiar one, and I'm going to stick with it. I really don't know, but feels good. So hoist your glasses this Labor Day with me and toast a new biginning to an old song.


Also, please visit the Red Cross and help those in need the most in the Gulf Coast.

Till Next Time!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

First of Many I am Sure

Absolute Poker is sponsoring an online donation "tournament" to raise money for the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts. Absolute Poker will match all collected funds, donating 100 percent of money raised to help victims.

The tournaments have been set up specifically for donations and are not actual poker games. Those interested in participating can go to Absolute
and choose a "Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund" tournament from the tournament lobby. Donors can register in any tourney, ranging from $1, $10, $25, $50, or $100 tables. Additionally, players can make account transfers from their own account to an account called, KATRINAFUND, directly through the automated system within the Absolute Poker Cashier tab.

Edit: Coming up on September 12th and 14th, and Wil Wheaton will host two Hurricane Katrina Relief tournaments with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. PokerStars will be matching every buy-in 100% and will be offering prizes to the winners.

As of right now, you'll find the tournaments under the "Tourney" and "Special" tabs.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Once again....

Katrina Relief For the second time this year, the Red Cross needs your help bad. Man, the Gulf Coast is a mess. Please help if you can.


On the poker front, nada. I even missed the Head Hunter Tournamant for 72os on Sunday. I haven't missed poker at all....till recently. I think I am getting close to jumping back in. After watching the Young Guns tourney on the Travel Channel tonight where they were chatting it up, laughing and having a lot of fun at the table. Even playing blind (David Wiliams) and getting cracked after flopping trips! Just got me to thinking about sitting and the tables again. I think my patience is back and ready for the test.


On the Freeroll front, revamping of the site is complete. I always will tinker but like the new layout and organization. Messing with some SEO programs (free of course) and have learned SO MUCH! So I haven't been completely away from poker!


My daughter turned 13 yesterday. 13!! I have a teenager. I remember my parents talking about "I remember when you were just X years old and you ....." Now I am doing it. I can't beleive 13....1 year to high school, 3 years to drive (As I keep getting reminded), 5 years till college. WOW time flies. Just another step closer to over the hill for me :)

Till Next Time!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina is suppose to make land fall Monday Morning. Hope it does the minimum amount of damage possible. Man it is HUGE!

Saw on the news that gas prices will rise again because of it. Like they needed an excuse. Having no excuse at all hasn't kept them from going up!

Truckin' is out. Go check it out.

Going to play another 72os Head Hunter tonight. They are starting to get to me. Finished in the money 4 out of 5 and still have not cashed in a bounty!

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Almost Zero

I have not played any poker since my last post. Well, almost none. I have enjoyed the time "off". I did indulge in two headhunter tournaments at JetSet. I like them. One was with the 72os Crew , it was my first headhunter and was real fun. I finished 22nd when I floped a straight vs. trips and he hit runner runner full house. OUCH!

Last night I played a HH Sit N Go. Got ZERO cards for the whole thing except for maybe three hands and limped into third for a money finish. No heads though. So I think I will try some more of these. The concept for those who do not now is that each player starts the Sit N Go or Tournament with a bounty and if you take that person out, you win the bounty. Plus if you finish ITM, you win that also. Each players bounty is different based on JetSet's tournament leader board. The higher up the leader board they are, the more they are worth. Very cool concept and makes the game a lot more interesting.

Interesting news:
A women in Mecklenburg County, N.C., attempted to chase snakes out of a couch on her front porch by dousing the nest with lighter fluid, but then an accidentally dropped match set a fire large enough that she had to jump out a window to safety.

True story....out of newspaper.
So many jokes, so little time.

Till Next Time!

Friday, August 19, 2005

I Have Run Out

Learn the art of patience. Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal. Impatience breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement and failure. Patience creates confidence, decisiveness, and a rational outlook, which eventually leads to success.
Brian Adams
I know it seems I have been talking a lot lately about patience in your game. Waiting for the right opportunity and taking advantage. Most of it stems from me coming to the realization that I am losing mine.

"Impatience breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement and failure" - That discribes a lot of my game right now. I have a very lackluster attitude towards playing and can't keep the intensity up. I'm pushing hands to hard and just not picking the right spots.

I read in a post or article or something about online players see twice as many hands as live players so that equates to playing twice as long. He goes on to explain that 1 year online play would equal 2 years of live play and so on. I have been playing full time now for 10 months. So, extrapulating that out using the above information means almost two years worth of poker with no extended break. That's not counting the reading, studying, web site, blog and other poker related time I have spent.

Iggy as well as others have written about the drudgery of poker for a living. Thats what it really is to me right now, a drudgery. I know have a luxury though that I didn't have before. That is money coming in (good money) from my wife going back to work. So it is almost time for an extended break. I have 270 points left to get from the last Poker Stars reload and then I will stop for a while. Atleast till school for the kids starts back up.

I have ordered two more books: Internet Poker by Lou Krieger (Poker Stars Points to good use?) and the H/L Split Poker book by Ray Zee. Good reading for my hiatus. Harrington on Holdem II is on that list also but will have to wait a while. Can't go TOTALLY pokerless....that would be bad :) .

I like to set goals for myself and I beleive when I come back in a couple weeks I will set some new ones. This time though it will include many more breaks away from poker than before. I am not down on poker full time. I would still recommend it to anyone in the right situation. Just like anything you do for the first time, I need to tweek the overall operation and adjust for some more quality time away from the tables as well.

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

One of those Nights

Bad Beats - A few. Suck Outs - A Few.

Main problem - Me! I played like crap!

Making calls I shouldn't, betting when I knew they hit their draws, overly aggressive and impatient. That about covers it. Worst night I have played in a long time. Looking back there are calls and bets that I made I can't explain. Not sure where my head was.

The humbling feeling of poker. 3 days of finishing up, wiped out in 3 hours. I wish I could go on and on about this suck out and that unreal call and how lucky this player was, but I really can't. I lost that money mainly through stupid play.

It upset me a lot last night. I thought I was beyond making some of the major mistakes I made. (Betting big on the turn with a set when the straight hit) Then I realized that it was OK. All players of all professions have bad nights.

Arguably the best hitter in baseball, Ted Williams, FAILED to hit a baseball 6 out of 10 times. A part of baseball lore, a legend, Hall of Famer, had a 40% success rate. In today’s market he would be a millionaire many times over. As history tells us though, a fierce competitor, he came to play.

I have said this many times, people play poker for different reasons, but to play to win, you have to be mentally in the game and "come to play". Though I do not have any statistics, I would wager a 40% success rate would win you a lot of money.

During the time my kids were in school, I had a set time to play and was prepared to sit during that time and play poker. Though I didn't do anything specific, I knew I was playing between these times and I was mentally ready to go. Lately, I believe a lot of my problems are stemming from not being totally committed to playing poker and trying to "fit it in".

School here starts back Sept. 4th and will be back on a regular program again. Till then I guess I have to live with the "fit it in" part or cut down on the play.

Till Next Time!

Monday, August 15, 2005

What a Few Days!

Since I last posted, I tried to update 4Flush and crashed my database. OOPS! After many frustrating tries at re-installing the back up files, I always got 99% of the site back up and one button that wouldn't work. Of course it was the button that let me post to the site! So I ended up re-vamping the whole thing and added some new catorgories and updating the menu. 4 days later and I am all done and to be honest, very pleased with the new look. Well, not exactly new LOOK, but new features and overall flow of the site.

Anyway, didn't get to play much poker obviously but did play a little PLO8 at Stars. It hit me one of the big differences between Holdem and O8. I guess I knew it all along in a way but it just crystalized over the weekend.

There are more gamblers in PLO8 than players. There are more people willing to risk A LOT of money that their draw will hit (especially low draws). I am new to this game and maybe that is just the nature of pot limit H/L games but I do find that aspect intriguing. I have played some NL this summer and even though I experience some of the same gambling attitude it was not as wide spread.

I have seen 8 $100+ pots this week at .25/.50 PL Omaha H/L on Poker Stars and the biggest one ($148) Sunday night. Four people putting in an average of $37 a piece! ONE guy swept it. In a high/Low split game and $148 pot you would guess there would be a split! At least quartered. This guy had the best high and nut low and NOBODY WOULD FOLD! The three other "players" were all on draws.

I gasped out loud. Though I understand the gambling mentality and actually like to play against them (if they are not runnung hot). It is still hard for me to grasp that kind of thinking. We all play poker for different reasons. I guess I ran into a few that play for the big score and adrenaline rush. (Yes, as a side note......tonight that payed off for me.)

So, with the site back up and running and all is back to normal in my cyber world, it will be back to playing Monday.

Till Next Time!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Things I have learned playing PL Omaha H/L:

1) A2 is played like the “Holy Grail”.

2) Nobody considers their low could be quartered.

3) Patience! Patience! Patience!

4) A lot of people playing, very few understanding the game

5) Don’t let them chase the low.

6) Some will chase it anyway.

Been a VERY profitable run so far in my “new” game. I have really enjoyed it. I still find it uterly amazing how many people out there that will just throw their money at you. I am not winning every time I sit down but it is close to 90%. The betting patterns of these players are freakishly predictable.

Don't get me wrong now, there are a few here that really know what they are doing, I just stay away from them. For the most part though it is easy money. It is even amusing to see someone bet pot time and time again pre-flop and check the flop of all high cards over and over. Then berate you for calling down when they bluff.

Of course I am still playing the $50 buy in PL games so I am sure as I move up the players will get a little better. I can say though I am really enjoying playing again. Even finished in the money of a PLO8 2-table SnG on Stars.

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The System

Before I get into my anecdote for the evening, I would like to take a moment and thank Felicia for taking the time to drop a comment on my last post. With all that you have been through, to take the time to visit a blog that is still in its infancy and looking for its direction means a lot to me. Thank You!

I would like to start this story out with the first part of one of my many favorite sayings:

Luck doesn’t give; ……….

I would like to share an experience today with a player we will call Normal. Now, Normal seemed like a good ole fella. He didn’t talk much but seemed polite enough with a “NH” here and there.

The first hand Normal plays was masterful and I knew it was going to be a mind altering session right from the start. I make a pot bet from the button with AK23 (A3 suited) I see a great flop for me with nut low and 4 flushing. I bet pot. Normal is only caller. Turn was a 7 and river a blank and I split the pot with Normal who called both pot bets with 7772!!!!!!!!

This was to be part of a master plan though, because two hands later found Normal hitting a river ten to win half a pot with TTTA!!!!!!! Now up some $20 on his $50 buy in, Normal installs part two of this master PLO8 plan, he plays every hand no matter what. I warned you, mind altering. This is pure genius. Since you never know what 4 cards could actually turn into a hand, play all of them. I got chills, knowing I was sitting to the right of such a great thinker.

He ran his buy in up to $117 with many plays like the ones above. When step three of his plan was sent into motion…..take a break. He set out for a while for what could only be a self satisfying moment that only a mind like his could conceive.

…..It only lends.

After his return he slips back into the masterful play of before. Something was a miss though. The planets were not aligned right. The power was gone and he left the table 35 minutes later with $37.

Fully distraught over what happened, I threw away all my notes on my fallen hero. I was certain I had found the system to all new sorts of riches. Guess I will have to go back to grinding and doing it the hard way.

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

More Converted?

Been playing PLO8 exclusively this week and I am up big. It amazes me again and again how many people will put ALL their money in on a draw. Whether it is a nut low draw or flush draw or OESD or whatever! I have seen it over and over. It doesn't even need to be the nut draw either. I saw someone go all in and needed runner runner to hit a high hand at all. One that spent $28 on THIRD best LOW hand. Boggles my mind, but can't complain. Money is good.

I haven't played any Holdem since last week and can see I am becoming more converted by the day. I guess I can say I am 50/50 now. I will look at both Holdem and O8 tables before sitting anywhere. Really wanted to play in the Poker Stars WCOOP in Omaha H/L but there aren't any. May try a couple in Holem though.

Hold on to your hats...I am even winning at UB playing PLO8!! What I think I will do is ride the wave and when the eventual evening out comes, I will switch back to holdem. Hopefully it will keep everything fresh and lower the burn out rate a little. We'll see I guess.

Till Next Time!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Plus for Europe!

Monday thru Wednesday it has been over 100 degrees and humidity through the roof here in central Virginia. NOT ONE TIME did this idea ever come up.

It pushes the mid 90's in Vienna...BAM! Everyone goes naked to the museum. FOR FREE!

Have a great weekend...I'm looking for cheap plane tickets!

Till Next Time

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Little Groveling Does Help

Groveling to the poker gods and actually putting in the hours. For all those that may have mentioned me to the poker gods I do thank you. Been a good couple days, ESPECIALLY at the Poker Stars PLO8 tables. Been playing mostly .25/.50 and .50/$1 PL and though I am still new to the Omaha H/L game, I must say they are really juicey.

I have made about $100 a day playing about 3 hours and one table at a time. Talk about teaching you patience! There are about 5 players I recognize as always in these games (so far). They rarely play a hand and when they do it is usually big. They are always 1 1/2 to 3 times the minimum buy in also. They play good starting hands, they play them hard and I am learning a bunch by watching them. I have seen a rise in my game in the last couple days and even winning a few big pots with just the low after a pot size bet on the river.

Still getting some weird things happening to me at UB and I'm getting my ass handed to me over there. So I am done with them for a while. Last night, 5 players limp and I see the flop with 57o in BB. I flop an OESD and turn the straight. The turn and river get capped....MP has 57 and we split! I'm just getting torched over there right now.

I'm thinking of cashing and going to Noble Poker for their 100% up to $700. Jsaw says the $3/$6 there are unbelievably fishy so with the new software upgrade, I beleive I will try it.


Enough of me, if you have a good joke, Felicia can use one. Send one to Alcanthang or sign up here. Still thinking about you.


For those Star War fans who don't know what to do with all their poker you go!


Thats about it, on to more grinding!

Till Next Time

Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Learning Step

"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."

Dan Quayle

That quote just rings with me. Since I do find myself a little abnormally adverse to failure. I find at times that I play toooo tight trying not to fail instead of playing to succeed. This all feeds on the fact that I get to emotionally attached to winning and losing. As I posted a while back, I'm working on that one.

Case in point: 72os event last night. I was in top 10 in chips about half way through. Folded to CO who raises. Typical play and I have 99 in the BB. I just called hoping for no high cards on the flop and I would go all in. I flop set and go all in. I was instantly called by AA. Perfectly played until an Ace fell on river. I was covered and I was out.

I allowed myself a minute or two to stare blankly at my empty chair and said NOOO load enough for my wife to come in and ask what was wrong, then I finished updating the freeroll calendar and went to bed. Slept like a baby. I am not a real outwardly emotional person. I am realizing that even though I can rationally explain that bad beats happen, the long run will take care of itself, it's a life long session, ect., I still have to let the emotional side out also. I don't think I will ever be that throw my cup, punch the wall or break a chair type person but maybe a few "OMG's". "NOOOO" or whatever else would be appropriate. I'll get to test that out this week and good.

I get to spend the next few days alone till the working stiffs get home. I have one child at summer camp and one at "Camp Grandma's". All for the whole week! So a little outward expression is due. Who knows, I may even break a pencil! LOL.

So it's poker time! No one is here and can play on a schedule. I have read all the David Ross posts and even have printed them out in a book to read over and over. Summer time was ruff with him also. Having the kids home makes it hard to just sit up in my computer room and put in the hours. There's swimming to be done, games to play, Theme Parks to visit....making childhood lifetime memories. Some things, as I have said many times before, are more important than money.

This week is Camp Poker for dad so lets take a moment to pay tribute to the poker gods and hope they look favorable upon my return (though may be short) to scheduled poker.

Till Next Time!