Wednesday, August 17, 2005

One of those Nights

Bad Beats - A few. Suck Outs - A Few.

Main problem - Me! I played like crap!

Making calls I shouldn't, betting when I knew they hit their draws, overly aggressive and impatient. That about covers it. Worst night I have played in a long time. Looking back there are calls and bets that I made I can't explain. Not sure where my head was.

The humbling feeling of poker. 3 days of finishing up, wiped out in 3 hours. I wish I could go on and on about this suck out and that unreal call and how lucky this player was, but I really can't. I lost that money mainly through stupid play.

It upset me a lot last night. I thought I was beyond making some of the major mistakes I made. (Betting big on the turn with a set when the straight hit) Then I realized that it was OK. All players of all professions have bad nights.

Arguably the best hitter in baseball, Ted Williams, FAILED to hit a baseball 6 out of 10 times. A part of baseball lore, a legend, Hall of Famer, had a 40% success rate. In today’s market he would be a millionaire many times over. As history tells us though, a fierce competitor, he came to play.

I have said this many times, people play poker for different reasons, but to play to win, you have to be mentally in the game and "come to play". Though I do not have any statistics, I would wager a 40% success rate would win you a lot of money.

During the time my kids were in school, I had a set time to play and was prepared to sit during that time and play poker. Though I didn't do anything specific, I knew I was playing between these times and I was mentally ready to go. Lately, I believe a lot of my problems are stemming from not being totally committed to playing poker and trying to "fit it in".

School here starts back Sept. 4th and will be back on a regular program again. Till then I guess I have to live with the "fit it in" part or cut down on the play.

Till Next Time!

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