Friday, November 26, 2004

What A Night

Bonus hunting is cumbersome but with a little luck I will be playing back at $2/$4 months ahead of schedule. Went back to UB and maxed their reload bonus out so when I clear that I will go back to AP with their 15% reload with UB money.
I don't want to post to many hand histories here BUT you have to see what the poker gods did for me with this BB SPECIAL! (I do post best hand and worst hand of night here)
Absolute Poker 1/2 Hold'em (9 handed)
Preflop: 4Flush is BB with 7c, 4d. UTG calls, UTG+1 folds, MP1 folds, MP2 folds, MP3 calls, CO calls, Button folds, SB folds, 4Flush checks.
Flop: (4.50 SB) 6s, 3d, 2c (4 players) 4Flush checks, UTG checks, MP3 checks, CO checks.
Turn: (2.25 BB) 5s (4 players) 4Flush bets, UTG calls, MP3 raises, CO folds, 4Flush 3-bets, UTG folds, MP3 caps, 4Flush calls.
River: (12.25 BB) Jd (2 players) 4Flush checks, MP3 bets, 4Flush raises, MP3 3-bets, 4Flush caps, MP3 calls.
Final Pot: 19.25 BB Main Pot: 19.25 BB, between MP3 and 4Flush. > Pot won by 4Flush (19.25 BB).
Results below: 4Flush has 7c 4d (straight, seven high). MP3 doesn't show. Outcome: 4Flush wins 19.25 BB.
That got be back in the winning ways!!!
So I will be playing UB and AP till I clear UB bonus. When I clear UB bonus I will have enough points to play the $5 MTT with my points. I like doing that because I'm still working on my NL skills and having no money invested is the best way to practice!
Good Luck at the tables!

Thursday, November 25, 2004


I hope that your Thanksgiving is wonderful and if you are traveling, very safe and hassle free.
Finished positive again last night. Almost dont want to write about it. Might jinx it!
As you know from last post I am concentrating on my Fancy Plan Snydrom(FPS) and was really focusing on being aggressive and betting if I had a hand. So its early in the session, I'm siting up in the chair, Poker Tracker up, ready to pounce....and fold 46 hands in a row!!!
It's funnier now than it was last night. So what hand do I get to break this cycle..KK. So now I have a situation, I raise and everyone fold, since I haven't played in 4 rotations, or slowplay and risk getting pounced. Well EP raised and I CC with 1 other. I bet the flop and lost one and bet the turn and lost EP so it worked out. I'm not counted that as FPS.
Then I proceeded to get QQ pounced on by AA, AQ make second best(To a guy who just post in in MP1)and 99 get no help. I liked it better folding at this point.
Turn around was 4 betting AA and getting called to river by a LPP that put me up to stay. Not sure what LPP is, look here.
I don't think in terms of fish or shark because there are fish that eat fish and sharks that eat sharks. The Poker Tracker auto rate system really points this out. Now I think in terms of acronyms: LPP, LAP, TAN, TAA ect. Of course I still take notes on people also, which I beleive is a must. I'll have to elaborate on this later. Time to start cooking!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Back To Absolute

OK, I must admit I like the predictability of Absolute Poker. I know the money is at Party and I will return, just when my bankroll has a little more cushion in it.
Finished "up" last night but I have a big problem. Fancy Play Syndrom. It snuck up on me, never saw it coming!
Ex: Limped with AJo in EP. LP raises and we see a 22J flop. I check/call flop with plans of check/raising the turn. He checks behind me on turn and hits Q on river.(He had AQs)
Did I blow that or what! After the hand I just sat there thinking "What kind of play was that"! I called myself a few choice names and now have to work on breaking that habit.
I may have lost this hand no matter what but should have atleast played it right.
Stayed aggressive after that and got paid well when QQ hit set, AK hit straight and KQ hit straight.
Going to move back up to the $2/$4 level by end of month. Bankroll may not be there by then but have played $2/$4 at Absolute Poker before so should be ok if careful. Got a lot of Poker Tracker stats at $2/$4.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

1st and 2nd Time at Party Poker

I knew all about it. I've heard all the stories. So I decided to get the 20% first time deposit bonus. I figured I was ready and had a firm grasp of my poker abilities.
Nothing could prepare you for this! I played $1/$2 and lost $90 in first session. Could not beleive the cards people were playing. "See the river" most be a commandment or something. Of course it helps that the river kept bailing them out. So i decided to go to .50/$1 and play out the rest of bonus and with a little luck, make it out with $10 of the $100 bonus. Decided to play only the best cards and if I fold my way to bonus so be it. I won $50 back before bonus was up. They will draw to anything and pay you off if you have it.
What did I learn 1st time: Patience
So I cashed out to get Absolute Pokers 15% bonus for the weekend.
NOT SO FAST! A hour after my money hit Neteller, I get an email saying that Party is now offering a 20% reload bonus. HMMM...I went for it. Played .50/$1 the whole time and got bonus and $25 and still cashed out in time for AP this weekend. It was a LOOONNNGG session but I cleared bonus in a day.
What did I learn the 2nd time: Party plays better in the day than at night. No time to decide why.
So now I am at Absolute Poker this weekend. If all goes well I should have that $150 into $800 by the end of month.

Monday, November 22, 2004

What This is all About

I'm married with two kids(12 year old daughter and 7 year old son)and a 8 month old dog.

I started with $50 in Febuary 2004 (Hadn't learned about bonuses yet) and currently playing $1/$2.

I have recently decided to make a part time living out of this and so I am getting serious about building a bankroll and moving up to a level that will provide this income.

After my most recent purchase, a laptop, I had $150 at beginning of November. This is were I begin my adventures.

I will use my website of freerolls ( and poker as my part time income. Beleive me I make 99.9% from poker.

Of course I have grand dreams of poker full time but the reality of the moment is getting about $1000 a month extra. I'll leave the dreaming for some other time