Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Back To Absolute

OK, I must admit I like the predictability of Absolute Poker. I know the money is at Party and I will return, just when my bankroll has a little more cushion in it.
Finished "up" last night but I have a big problem. Fancy Play Syndrom. It snuck up on me, never saw it coming!
Ex: Limped with AJo in EP. LP raises and we see a 22J flop. I check/call flop with plans of check/raising the turn. He checks behind me on turn and hits Q on river.(He had AQs)
Did I blow that or what! After the hand I just sat there thinking "What kind of play was that"! I called myself a few choice names and now have to work on breaking that habit.
I may have lost this hand no matter what but should have atleast played it right.
Stayed aggressive after that and got paid well when QQ hit set, AK hit straight and KQ hit straight.
Going to move back up to the $2/$4 level by end of month. Bankroll may not be there by then but have played $2/$4 at Absolute Poker before so should be ok if careful. Got a lot of Poker Tracker stats at $2/$4.

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