Thursday, November 25, 2004


I hope that your Thanksgiving is wonderful and if you are traveling, very safe and hassle free.
Finished positive again last night. Almost dont want to write about it. Might jinx it!
As you know from last post I am concentrating on my Fancy Plan Snydrom(FPS) and was really focusing on being aggressive and betting if I had a hand. So its early in the session, I'm siting up in the chair, Poker Tracker up, ready to pounce....and fold 46 hands in a row!!!
It's funnier now than it was last night. So what hand do I get to break this cycle..KK. So now I have a situation, I raise and everyone fold, since I haven't played in 4 rotations, or slowplay and risk getting pounced. Well EP raised and I CC with 1 other. I bet the flop and lost one and bet the turn and lost EP so it worked out. I'm not counted that as FPS.
Then I proceeded to get QQ pounced on by AA, AQ make second best(To a guy who just post in in MP1)and 99 get no help. I liked it better folding at this point.
Turn around was 4 betting AA and getting called to river by a LPP that put me up to stay. Not sure what LPP is, look here.
I don't think in terms of fish or shark because there are fish that eat fish and sharks that eat sharks. The Poker Tracker auto rate system really points this out. Now I think in terms of acronyms: LPP, LAP, TAN, TAA ect. Of course I still take notes on people also, which I beleive is a must. I'll have to elaborate on this later. Time to start cooking!

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