Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bumping my Head Then Stubbing my Toe

Thats how is has felt in the last couple of days. Finish up a little, bump my head, finish down a little, stub my toe and start picking up my feet and start the cycle all over again. Over all result....right were I started on Monday.

It's not a good thing, not a bad thing, just poker.

Lou Krieger wrote an article in the new CardPlayer Magazine about the three levels of poker.

Level 1 - Hand Selection. I feel here I need some inprovement. I think I am a little too tight pre flop. I have broken out the charts again and see that I have not taken advantage of some hands I should be, notably in late position.

Level 2 - Reading opponents hands. This is were I am at now. Putting people on hands and acting accordingly. My biggest improvement here needs to be trusting my reads. I made a costly mistake last night that took me another hour to recover from when an ace hit on river putting two on board. I knew my two pair was being called down with top pair, but bet anyway (NL) and then called raise. Oh well. I'm not saying a crying call is sometimes warranted but if you know the player that well (I did at that point), should have been an easy fold for me.

Level 3 - Reading opponents minds. Here is were I need to get. What does he/she think that I think that he/she might have. Playing $2/$4 and below, I don't think there is much use for this but provides great practice. Usually no need to get tricky at these levels, just bet and raise....some one will call! As I move up levels and play gets trickier, this will be something I need to develop.


I have, as others have admitted to, been lazy in adding to my blog roll. I will try to remedy this next week.

Till Next Time....Do something different this week!

A conservative is a man who believes that nothing should be done for the first time.

Alfred E. Wiggam

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Poker (Fish) Therapy

I know what I'm doing today. I need some therapy and know where to get it.


I have a calendar full of them! So here is what I am going to do:

Any Two - Minimum Raise
Any A, PP's under ten, connectors - 1/2 stack in
Any cards that equal 20, PP's ten and up - All In
Fold to any raise before me, 1/2 stack raise if first in

I might dub this "fish" therapy. First one was Check N Raise this AM at 9:30. Second hand AA - All In - 4 callers - lost to 77 who hit set. Ok, so I need more therapy!

1- Out 151 of 165

Edit:2 - Out 132 of 470 at Wpoker. Set of 6's down to flush Need More Therapy
Edit:3 - Out 22 of 361 at Poker Host. KQ vs. AK with 2 K's on board. Therapy Working


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I hate these nights..

I was do for a "correction" in the bankroll and tonight was the night. The worst part was it was I had good cards that were leading till the turn and then creamed on river. These kind of nights just test by patience and nerve.

I posted before that I don't tilt on the table but I do start talking to the computer and I knew then it was time to go. Down $60 tonight and only cleared $17 in bonus. So I am going to take a break for a day and start back fresh in the NL tables.

Saying the tables during my nightly session were very loose and fishy just doesn't do it justice. Unreal the hands I sawed played. I would normally love this type of action, but tonight, they were hitting like crazy. I was beat by every draw there is and at the same time missed every one of mine, frustrating night.

Just signed off. Last hand AK vs.KQ he hits 4 straght spades on a K high board to win. Did I mention, I hate these kind of night.

Till Next Time!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Done It!

After last months excellent run, bankroll is healthy, I went to Full Tilt Poker. I played today for about 2 hours. Tables were bountiful and the play there is a lot tighter than Empire.....but what sight isn't!

Played $1/$2 and with my limited play I project this:

Clearing $2/hour of bonus per $1/$2 table. 6 hours a day + muti-tabling should get me to $25 a day in bonus. Looking at a month to clear. Not sure if tables at night are "looser" which may speed up the process but from what I hear, I doubt it. Today if raised pre-flop, no more than 3 saw flop and 50% of the time you won it out right.

As far as bonuses are concerned I'd say it was worth it if you planned to stay and play anyway. If you are a true bonus whore and never stay at a site after bonus is cleared, this may not be for you because it will take a while. If you project out some other bonuses, you can see the difference. Took me 3 days to clear Empire's $150. Project that out to $600 and you would get 12 days to clear and the Party skins are probably the easiest to clear.

I will go get Interpoker some time this month too, which will cut into the Full Tilt time. That Interpoker monthly bonus has been so profitable to me, I can't pass it up.

Till Next Time!

Monday, February 07, 2005

New Champion This Month!

After the horrendous disaster in January with that Empire Bonus Chase, I am happy to announce that this time, there is a new champion on the street. Final numbers:

$134 profit
$150 Bonus
+8bb over 1500 hands
18 hours

Not bad at all I'd say.

Since Party Poker is offering me a 15% bonus till Feb. 11th. Think I might press my luck and try them out.

Till Next Time!

The Bell Rings..Final Round

The crowd rises to its feet. Anticipation at a crecendo, will the champ answer the bell. The challenger rises, a little bruised but you could hardly tell he had been toe to toe with the champ all night. The challenger knows, there is no question, the champ will answer. He is ready.

The champ sits, dazed and confused over the last rounds. Eye swollen, nose bleeding, and looks like he has been fighting two men instead of one. In the corner of his mouth though, there is a smirk, almost a smile. He knows he has the power still to take this guy out. So with extreme pride and arrogance, he stands. Ding. Ding.

Thats how it has been so far at Empire Poker. 200 hands left to go and I am way ahead. I can fold my way to profit + bonus from here. I have taken my punches, some unreal draws have come in on the river. I have landed some wicked punches myself though. I will clear up those 200 hands today. Declare myself the victor and consider the demons exised.


North Dakota trying to step it up it seems. Got this off Poker Gazette.
A Bill currently under discussion in North Dakota could lead to the US state becoming an online poker jurisdiction.
The proposal, contained in House Bill 1509, aims to see poker played over the internet to be defined in the state Constitution as a game of skill rather than gambling.

And the proponents of the Bill want to use the law change to encourage poker operators to set up in the state.

Jim Kasper, a member of North Dakota’s House of Representatives, said North Dakota would be prepared to fight the US government if it sought to block the state law.

He said the Bill could bring up to US$500m of new revenue to the state.

Under his plan, Kasper would use 60% of the poker revenue for property tax relief, 20% for public education and 20% for the state's general fund.

The Bill would need to negotiate several hurdles to become law, not least of which is a public vote in 2006 to change the definition of gambling.

But politicians in the state said they were not afraid to take a risk and confront the US government head on.

"I believe that for the people of North Dakota and for the state, we need to be strong and take on this challenge and not be afraid to step out of the box," Mark Dosch, a North Dakota Representative, said.

Be an interesting battle I think. Will keep an eye out on this one.


Not a bad game last night really, seemed like the Eagles gave up though, taken so long to score at the end buy glad they did score.....they covered. I guess my only question is why? Why did Cleveland ever let Bill Belichick go??

Till Next Time!