Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Done It!

After last months excellent run, bankroll is healthy, I went to Full Tilt Poker. I played today for about 2 hours. Tables were bountiful and the play there is a lot tighter than Empire.....but what sight isn't!

Played $1/$2 and with my limited play I project this:

Clearing $2/hour of bonus per $1/$2 table. 6 hours a day + muti-tabling should get me to $25 a day in bonus. Looking at a month to clear. Not sure if tables at night are "looser" which may speed up the process but from what I hear, I doubt it. Today if raised pre-flop, no more than 3 saw flop and 50% of the time you won it out right.

As far as bonuses are concerned I'd say it was worth it if you planned to stay and play anyway. If you are a true bonus whore and never stay at a site after bonus is cleared, this may not be for you because it will take a while. If you project out some other bonuses, you can see the difference. Took me 3 days to clear Empire's $150. Project that out to $600 and you would get 12 days to clear and the Party skins are probably the easiest to clear.

I will go get Interpoker some time this month too, which will cut into the Full Tilt time. That Interpoker monthly bonus has been so profitable to me, I can't pass it up.

Till Next Time!

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