Thursday, February 10, 2005

Poker (Fish) Therapy

I know what I'm doing today. I need some therapy and know where to get it.


I have a calendar full of them! So here is what I am going to do:

Any Two - Minimum Raise
Any A, PP's under ten, connectors - 1/2 stack in
Any cards that equal 20, PP's ten and up - All In
Fold to any raise before me, 1/2 stack raise if first in

I might dub this "fish" therapy. First one was Check N Raise this AM at 9:30. Second hand AA - All In - 4 callers - lost to 77 who hit set. Ok, so I need more therapy!

1- Out 151 of 165

Edit:2 - Out 132 of 470 at Wpoker. Set of 6's down to flush Need More Therapy
Edit:3 - Out 22 of 361 at Poker Host. KQ vs. AK with 2 K's on board. Therapy Working


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