Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bumping my Head Then Stubbing my Toe

Thats how is has felt in the last couple of days. Finish up a little, bump my head, finish down a little, stub my toe and start picking up my feet and start the cycle all over again. Over all result....right were I started on Monday.

It's not a good thing, not a bad thing, just poker.

Lou Krieger wrote an article in the new CardPlayer Magazine about the three levels of poker.

Level 1 - Hand Selection. I feel here I need some inprovement. I think I am a little too tight pre flop. I have broken out the charts again and see that I have not taken advantage of some hands I should be, notably in late position.

Level 2 - Reading opponents hands. This is were I am at now. Putting people on hands and acting accordingly. My biggest improvement here needs to be trusting my reads. I made a costly mistake last night that took me another hour to recover from when an ace hit on river putting two on board. I knew my two pair was being called down with top pair, but bet anyway (NL) and then called raise. Oh well. I'm not saying a crying call is sometimes warranted but if you know the player that well (I did at that point), should have been an easy fold for me.

Level 3 - Reading opponents minds. Here is were I need to get. What does he/she think that I think that he/she might have. Playing $2/$4 and below, I don't think there is much use for this but provides great practice. Usually no need to get tricky at these levels, just bet and raise....some one will call! As I move up levels and play gets trickier, this will be something I need to develop.


I have, as others have admitted to, been lazy in adding to my blog roll. I will try to remedy this next week.

Till Next Time....Do something different this week!

A conservative is a man who believes that nothing should be done for the first time.

Alfred E. Wiggam

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