Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I hate these nights..

I was do for a "correction" in the bankroll and tonight was the night. The worst part was it was I had good cards that were leading till the turn and then creamed on river. These kind of nights just test by patience and nerve.

I posted before that I don't tilt on the table but I do start talking to the computer and I knew then it was time to go. Down $60 tonight and only cleared $17 in bonus. So I am going to take a break for a day and start back fresh in the NL tables.

Saying the tables during my nightly session were very loose and fishy just doesn't do it justice. Unreal the hands I sawed played. I would normally love this type of action, but tonight, they were hitting like crazy. I was beat by every draw there is and at the same time missed every one of mine, frustrating night.

Just signed off. Last hand AK vs.KQ he hits 4 straght spades on a K high board to win. Did I mention, I hate these kind of night.

Till Next Time!

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