Thursday, July 05, 2007

QUICK! I need a hat, shirt.. tie.. sock.. Bodog Gear!

All Aboard the Bodog Bus!

Earlier this year Harrah's made an announcement that .net online gambling sites marketed towards American online gamblers would not be invited, or allowed to host player lounges at the 2007 World Series of Poker.

Well we have to give Bodog props here, the online poker room definitely worked with their sour grapes, invented an awesome marketing strategy, and an experience poker players will remember. Mission accomplished, and without sharing any marketing dollars with Harrah's.

Bodog has introduced their new pimped out Bodog Players only bus! The sexy Bodog Players Lounge ... bus will be hosting the party in Vegas July 4th through July 17th, amongst the buses unique amenities are plasma televisions, drinks (what would a great big party bus be without liquor!), sexy Bodog poker mama's, PowerBooks (including net access).

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If you played at Bodog poker, and earned your WSOP seat via one of their many satellite games, you'll automatically have an invite to visit the bus, as will your friends and family! For those of us not fortunate enough to actually be playing in the WSOP, sporting Bodog gear will get you in, which leads me back to the title of this Post, does anybody have some Bodog gear I can borrow!

WSOP Party #2 Sapphire Gentlemens Club!

The second party of the evening, a must attend, and we don't have tickets ... yet. I hear tickets are available at the bluff magazine booth, if we can snag 'em, we'll bring back all the memories and wsop party pics we can capture for 4flush readers!

Bluff magazine invited 175 players to what was last year the biggest party of the World Series of Poker! This years party is entitled "PlayersOnly Presents Bluff on the Strip".

Fitting title don't you think? A party held in one of the best gentlemen's clubs on the Vegas strip. Sapphire Gentlemen's club will be hosting members along side of Bluff Magazine readers for the prestigious event.

Among those in attendance will be professional poker players, Jennifer Tilly, Phil Gordon, David Williams, Antonia Esfandari, Phil Gordon and Laak, Eric Lindgren, Gus Hansen, Mike Mizerachi and Mike Mizerachi, who was also in attendance last year.

During my online persual of gambling going's on (outside of the obvious world series of poker, and the Calvin Ayre show we are auditioning for) I read that there were still tickets left, just that they had to be obtained from the booth. It would be just to much fun to blog this event, so we deffintely plan to give it a shot! Wish us luck! presents
Bluff on the Strip
Thursday, July 5th

Open Bar 10 pm - Midnight
Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, 3025 Industrial Road
(behind the old Stardust)
Shuttles from the Rio is owned by JASSY SPORTS EVENTS LTD, a Maltese company.

Viva Las Vegas!

Well we're off! Off to Las Vegas! We'll be there for opening day of the WSOP main event, as well as for the Calvin Ayre Auditions! We have plane tickets, we have a room, a cheap one, but a room none the less.

We're staying at a little hotel in Vegas called Arizona Charlies, there's three girls, and dad, had to bring someone along to keep us in line didn't we :P

Thanks so much to all of you that sponsored blog posts and bought links within the 4flush online poker network and sponsored our trip!

We plan to attend a couple of parties on the 5th, the night we're arriving, first up is the PSO (Poker Source Online) party at Hooters!

The info:

Poker Source Online is excited to announce our 2nd Annual WSOP Party in Las Vegas!!

We will have free Beer, Soda and Food for all to enjoy.

When: July 5, 2007 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Where: Hooters Casino, Las Vegas - The Iowa Room

If you have any trouble finding the Party, please ask one of the casino employees where the Iowa Room is located. Casino employees will not know the "PSO Party" specifically but they will know where the Iowa Room is in the Casino.

We've RSVP'd and so long as all goes right at the airport, we should be drinkin' free before by the time the sun goes down!

A big thank you to the guys at PSO for inviting us!

Katja Thater 2nd Woman Ever to win WSOP Non Exclusive Bracelet!

Katja Thater left the WSOP Razz Event with a new title - Second Woman ever to win a Non-Exclusive Bracelet Event. A woman is guaranteed to win at least one bracelet every year. Some one has to win the ladies event. This year Katja Thater has established another notch for women in the world of poker, by taking the bracelet in this non-exclusive event. The only woman to accomplish this before her was Annie Duke in 2004..

Players were in game until 4 a.m. on day one, and 3 a.m. on day two during one of the longest tournaments of the series. The final eight voted to return on day three to finish the tournament, originally scheduled as a two-day event.

The chip counts stood as follow when the final table opened:

1- O'Neil Longson with $385,500
2- St. Jean with $171,000
3- Denny Axel with $123,000
4- Katja Thater with $117,500
5- Paul "Eskimo" Clark with $88,500
6- Mark Vos with $84,500
7- Thomas Daubert with $54,500
8- Men "The Master" Nguyen with $35,000

The two short stacks, Daubert and Nguyen, traded places in the chip counts until Thater knocked both out on the same hand. Daubert finished in eighth place, and Nguyen moved up, based on starting chip count, to finish in seventh place. The next busted player was Vos, in sixth place, when his 9 low was undercut by Clark's 8 low. Nguyen and Vos were keeping the table light and laid back, so when they were both out, the game became more serious. Thater also knocked out the fifth place Axel when the sixth and seventh streets were paired against his hand.

Paul Clark overcame tremendous obstacles to make this final table. It was only days earlier that he had a stroke, and still entered the poker game with 340 other players to finish in the top 4. To see ‘Eskimo' return so quickly was a relief for the poker world as a whole.

Longson came in as the chip leader but could not capture another bracelet. After Longson was eliminated in third place, Thater and St. Jean were set up for heads-up play. After many hands back and forth Katja Thater finally overcame Larry St. Jean with 8-5-4-3-2. This made WSOP history, and ripples across the whole event.

Here are the final table results for the $1,500 razz event:

1- Katja Thater - $132,653
2- Larry St. Jean - $73,311
3- O'Neil Longson - $46,547
4- Paul "Eskimo" Clark - $31,186
5- Denny Axel - $24,204
6- Mark Vos - $18,386
7- Men "The Master" Nguyen - $14,197
8- Thomas Daubert - $10,473

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blair Rodman, Pro Gambler and Author Wins WSOP Bracelet!

Blair Rodman, professional gambler and author wins bracelet through a tough and varied sea of competitors.

In Las Vegas the winner of the $2,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em championship was Blair Rodman, professional gambler and author. This is his first WSOP win. The 53 year old has been playing in the tournament since 1982.

Rodman co-authored the popular book, "Kill Phil" which explains counterstrategies designed to beat the best poker players in the world. Rodman is also active on the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, a televised "21" tournament.

Blair Rodman just about found himself out of WSOP. He was knocked out of the Omaha High Low from the previous date. He almost skipped the next day’s event because he was exhausted. "I got eliminated on late on the second day in Omaha," Rodman explained in a post-tournament interview. "I almost didn't play (in this tournament). If I would not have been knocked out of that Omaha High-Low event, I would not have been here. So, I guess getting busted in that event was a good thing!"

When the game came down to the final nine, Rodman was sixth in the chips stacks. With skill, he managed to survive and eventually took a decisive chip. The heads up play against Amato Galasso, a first time live event player, lasted for three hours. Through a series of see saw wins leaving Rodman to win the last pot of the night.

In his first poker tournament, Galasso won $448,808, a fantastic finish for a newbie to the world of live tournament poker.

A number of other notable events occurred in this game. Included in this Anna Wroblewski finished fourth, as the only the 6th women to make a final table appearance in an open event for the 2007 World Series. Katja Thater is still the only woman to win a gold bracelet this year in an open event.

In 9th place Mark McKibben, who entered the competition after winning a jackpot slots machine on this, his first visit to Las Vegas. The $2000 entry fee was posted with the winnings, and he continued deep into the game to finish with $42,655. That’s a vacation pay out many could enjoy.

T.J. Cloutier, a powerhouse in poker, finished in 17th place. He has won 54 WSOP cash payouts during his lifetime, including this match. This ranks him right behind Men Nguyen and Phil Hellmuth.

Even the entertainment industry did well in this match up. Jennifer Tilly, the oscar-nominated actress finished in 30th place. Rene Angelil, husband and manager of superstar entertainer Celine Dion, took 173rd place.

Many previous gold bracelet winners who finished in the top of this match up were – David Chiu (61), Rafe Furst (62), John Spadavecchia (107), Kirk Morrison (111), and James Mackey (138).
As the events approach their finish for the 2007 World Series, there have been new additions to the official ‘WSOP Millionaires Club”. Currently there are 88 players who have won each an excess of $1 million in lifetime earnings at the WSOP. The newest members to join this exceptional group of player include: Thor Hansen, Jeffrey Lisandro, Burt Boutin, Freddy Deeb, Bruno Fitoussi, Fred Goldberg, Hans Lund, Tony Ma, William Thorsen and David Singer. This is an accomplishment many will strive for in their tournament career ventures.

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