Thursday, July 05, 2007

QUICK! I need a hat, shirt.. tie.. sock.. Bodog Gear!

All Aboard the Bodog Bus!

Earlier this year Harrah's made an announcement that .net online gambling sites marketed towards American online gamblers would not be invited, or allowed to host player lounges at the 2007 World Series of Poker.

Well we have to give Bodog props here, the online poker room definitely worked with their sour grapes, invented an awesome marketing strategy, and an experience poker players will remember. Mission accomplished, and without sharing any marketing dollars with Harrah's.

Bodog has introduced their new pimped out Bodog Players only bus! The sexy Bodog Players Lounge ... bus will be hosting the party in Vegas July 4th through July 17th, amongst the buses unique amenities are plasma televisions, drinks (what would a great big party bus be without liquor!), sexy Bodog poker mama's, PowerBooks (including net access).

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If you played at Bodog poker, and earned your WSOP seat via one of their many satellite games, you'll automatically have an invite to visit the bus, as will your friends and family! For those of us not fortunate enough to actually be playing in the WSOP, sporting Bodog gear will get you in, which leads me back to the title of this Post, does anybody have some Bodog gear I can borrow!

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