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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Home Poker Games at PokerDIY

I was looking around online the other day for a home poker game, as I am sure I've mentioned here before, I already play a pretty great home poker game where I live in Virgina. Well I've been considering playing a few more a week, possibly a total of 4-5 in fact.

I travel to the casino once in awhile, but frankly, I tend to find better poker games hosted by friends and family. I enjoy the comraderie, getting to know the players, both skill wise, and personally, and the entire outing in general. Not to mention the payout, people really don't seem to mind losing a home poker game, which works out pretty wel for me, as I don't much mind winning them.

You'd be surprized how many people playing private poker games are really just there for the game, a place to hang out amongst friends, kick back, drink a beer or two, and in general, just have a good time, and the best part... they bring cash!

Anyway, during my search for a home poker game near my house, I ran across a really interesting blog post featuring PokerDIY, it connects blogs, not only did I visit PokerDIY by clicking the image below this post, I get paid when other people write about the same topic on their blogs, and then they get paid for blogging the topic as well, now being the entreprenurial person that I am, how could I pass this up?

PokerDIY lets visitors search for games near them, as well as set up and manage their own poker games. You can keep score, create a leader board and so on, in fact, it's a really cool site for bar leagues as well. The best part, I'll be trying out a few new poker games this week!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Online Casino Bonuses

I’m definitely a gambler. My favorite game online is poker, however, I’ve been known to visit a casino or two from time to time, and I just love a good casino bonus! I was perusing a few casino bonus pages the other day, looking for a good place to deposit some cash and spin a few reels on a slot machine, when I found a really groovy site.

Best Online Casino Deals offers hot bonuses including 15 minutes real money slot machine play absolutely free! They also have bonus codes for as much as $400 in free bonus money at some online casinos with great reputations.

The no deposit casino bonuses page is exactly what I was looking for! An opportunity to get my blood pumping, adrenaline racing, and take a stab at winning some real cash online, without actually spending a buck!

I will be honest though, I love this kind of bonus, but I am a depositor, what can I say. I generally win more than I spend, and I use sites like this one to give me a heads up on where to play, when to get the most out of my deposit, and to find the current payout percentages for popular online casinos. I like to try out a couple of the free spin deals, see if the slot machines are paying much, and then make the best deposit with the best possible bonus.

I don’t play what you’d call big stakes, but I do want to make sure I’m bankrolled high enough to bet the max and keep myself qualified for progressives and other jackpots, and the information available on this top free casino cash bonus offer page definitely gives me a head start on that path. Nothing like a bit of casino ambiance from my living room while I work ;)

Another great feature offered by the site is their fastest paying casinos page, especially with the absence of NETeller (the previously favored casino deposit method) in the United States. I have found that many online casinos, bingoes, and poker rooms are still accepting US Poker players, however, the time it takes them to get me my cash has considerably increased! This bit of information or really any information that says “Hey these guys are doing what they can to get us our gambling money ASAP” really boosts my confidence when it comes to opening an account at an online casino.