Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Man, had to blow the dust off to get to the blogger screen. I have been playing some poker again. Little NL tables. Been up and down. I have had some family issues which have left me a single Dad with two kids for a while (maybe longer). So playing again is a bigger need now.

I played for a living a while back and when my wife decided to go back to work, (I think me being home got on her nerves :) ), I relaxed my playing and worked on developing some sites. 4Flush is doing well,Poker Freeroll Tour Forumis growing and my latest baby, Gambling Internet Directory is just getting off the ground. They have been fun to see grow and making a little money off them but not enough to support a 14 and a 9 year old. So it is either find a job or play poker and for now it will be play now and look later. Poker has been very good for me and it will get me through again.

With school starting Monday, I guess I will have to dust off my old schedule and get back to work. This blog was a great way to release stress and wrap up a day of playing and for those of you still around that enjoyed that, it will be back!

So, guess it is time to dust off the old keyboard and read some old posts. I am excited about getting on the horse again...hope falling off doesn't kill me. LOL

Till Next Time!