Tuesday, November 23, 2004

1st and 2nd Time at Party Poker

I knew all about it. I've heard all the stories. So I decided to get the 20% first time deposit bonus. I figured I was ready and had a firm grasp of my poker abilities.
Nothing could prepare you for this! I played $1/$2 and lost $90 in first session. Could not beleive the cards people were playing. "See the river" most be a commandment or something. Of course it helps that the river kept bailing them out. So i decided to go to .50/$1 and play out the rest of bonus and with a little luck, make it out with $10 of the $100 bonus. Decided to play only the best cards and if I fold my way to bonus so be it. I won $50 back before bonus was up. They will draw to anything and pay you off if you have it.
What did I learn 1st time: Patience
So I cashed out to get Absolute Pokers 15% bonus for the weekend.
NOT SO FAST! A hour after my money hit Neteller, I get an email saying that Party is now offering a 20% reload bonus. HMMM...I went for it. Played .50/$1 the whole time and got bonus and $25 and still cashed out in time for AP this weekend. It was a LOOONNNGG session but I cleared bonus in a day.
What did I learn the 2nd time: Party plays better in the day than at night. No time to decide why.
So now I am at Absolute Poker this weekend. If all goes well I should have that $150 into $800 by the end of month.

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