Friday, September 23, 2005

That sucked

Played in a 72os $2 tourney last night at Poker Host. This was our first group of buy in tournaments we are trying. Not a bad turn out of 16 people. This one was holdem. Next ones will be Omaha, Omaha H/L and 7 card stud. Should be fun. Never played Omaha or Stud.

For me, it sucked. Finished 12th. KK in BB and got folded around to. AA won a little, KK was being called down with an A on flop and I folded to river raise. He had ace. (duh) AK, 99,55,44 and 66 all lost before the first break and all in with AQ lost to 55 when I flopped a Q and he flopped a set.

Great cards, and never hit a flop. Just one of those nights that just plain sucked.

I am off the next couple days to go to a race in NC. I'm not sure anyone will recall the pics I posted a while back on the remote control car racing I do but thats where I am off to. I usually race battery powered cars but thanks to a poker withdrawal I will be purchasing and racing a gas powered car this time. I guess in the world of RC racing it equates to looking down and seeing pocket aces EVERY time in a session. (To me anyway)

I wish those in TX and LA the best. Hope Rita does as minimum damage as possible.

Till Next Time!

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