Monday, September 19, 2005

I Surrender

WOW - after 2 straight days of unrelenting two tabling at Interpoker I still needed a few more hands this AM to clear their bonus. Forget about the book, cheaper to buy it and faster too!! I played Omaha H/L so I could get the most bang for my raked hand bucks and still didn't clear it. I use the cryptocounter (the new one) to count the "qualifing" raked hands and I played over 1200 raked hands and still needed a few more to get the "qualifiing" raked hands to 450.

I haven't been to the crypto's in a while and will not be back to Interpoker anytime soon. I don't like the site THAT much. I guess though it works for them. If you are an all the time player there it makes for a nice bonus and you are gong to be there anyway. If not, hardly anyway you can play lower limits and clear this bonus in a months time without mutli-tabling and putting in a lot of hours. I'm not convinced you can do it part time playing there everyday at the lower limits. I guess it works for someone though. I find it strange that they offer a bonus and make it easier to clear for people playing the higher limits who don't need the bonus to begin with. I realize it is a profit thing but I would think some marketing genious would come up with a way to appease both sides. Who I'm I to argue with success.


Got knocked out fairly early (top 50ish?) in the 72os event Sunday. Limped with AQo UTG+2 and got caught when I hit a Q and BB hit 2 pair. I was screwing with the Interpoker torture and not paying close enough attention. Still in second place overall though. Have 3 events left and one of those is a Wild Card event so I can replace this one if I am close to winning the overall tour.


Turned on news and another storm headed to Gulf Coast. MIGHT be headed to Houston and is projected to be a catagory 3 by the time it hits land but they keep saying it may turn north. Right now possibly touching western New Orleans. That would suck. Bad enough it is headed towards Houston. Keep safe everyone.

Till Next Time!

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