Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dynamically Speaking

I started my time back to poker at Pacific Poker like I said before, because it was new to me and I wanted to come back to something new and different. Having no Pacific hands in Poker Tracker and starting fresh, I bought the $10 Hand Grabber program for Pacific and started to go to work. Also found out I could data mine with the Hand Grabber program which came in real helpful!

I started at $1/$2 and had a big winning streak right off the bat. I then decided to move up to the $2/$4 tables and my winning streak continued until recently and the “leveling off’ begun. I was at a ~7 BB pace for 700+ hands so I knew it was coming. After studying my play, I decided that it was still solid and improving so I moved up to $3/$6 which I was at before I took my hiatus. Currently up at the $3/$6 level.

I am telling you that story so I can tell you about this observation. While playing and data mining at the $1/$2 level, I would play with 3-4 auto rated “fish” at every table. Sprinkle in a couple Taz’s (Loose/Aggressive), a good player and the rest calling stations.

Moving up to $2/$4 I expected a little better play and got just that, a little. Take out a Taz and add an eagle and that was it. Fish population seemed to stay the same. The last table had 6 auto rated fish at it! That was tooo many. Everyone was drawing at something at that table. I should have left….’nuff said.

Moving up to $3/$6 I really expected a bump up in play. I just left a table with 3 fish, 2 Taz and a calling station. Made good money and the reads are easy.

Funny how there was an exponential rise in table minimums and table pots but the table dynamic stayed the same through 3 levels. Every now and then a thread will pop up or article will appear that suggests the boom is over and poker is diminishing in numbers. I’m no expert and can not argue either side of that point. I can comment on my little sample and say that there are still plenty of people out there willing to throw away money to a decent player with a little patience.

For all those mired in the micro limits working there way up and saying, “Can’t wait to play higher so people will not call my raises with crap”, wish on. It is happening here also. By the way, that is terrible logic, but that will be another post. There are plenty here willing to call $6+ on any two soooooted and ANY draw. That’s why we play poker though.

So tonight as I close the books and tally up the score (in my favor this time), I raise a glass to all of those that called my value raises versus my nut hands and called me down with ace high. I salute you for missing that gut shot though you paid dearly for it and just falling short with that bottom pair. I know tomorrow is another day and you will be armed and ready to battle again, so until then………Thank You!

Till Next Time!

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