Monday, November 21, 2005

Still Going!

Just like the bunny.

Pacific has been great so far. I am about half way through with the wagering requirements and really have nothing bad to say about the site other than you can not multi table.

I have had the losing sessions and the bad beats (One two outer on river and one 94 sooooted calling my three bet cold vs. AA only to flop 4x4) All in all though I am up and the site is paying off well. You will definately need the stomach for it though. I must say I like my little fish bowl!

Bet365 is having a $25K freeroll on the 26th of November at 15:00. Entry is free, there are no raked hands requirements and there are cash prizes for the top 1000 places. 10,000 max entrants but the winner gets $3,000. Probably a huge crap shoot till first break but how do you not try this for free!

Saw this this weekend...hmmmm, someone is getting fired!

Coupon Misprints Could Cost Casino Millions

A misprint may end up costing an Illinois casino millions of dollars.Harrah's Joliet Casino said there was a mistake in about 11,000 coupons mailed to customers last week. Instead of being worth $15 or $20 apiece, each had a face value of $525 in cash. The company blames the error on a third-party vendor.Dozens of gamblers crowded Harrah's customer service desk on Friday, and got angry when the casino refused to redeem the coupons. Customers were encouraged to trade the coupons for reward points. Some did, but others decided to keep their slips of paper.The Illinois Gaming Board ruled that Harrah's must honor the coupons. All told, the company could be liable for as much as $5.8 million.
Hope all had a great weekend!

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