Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a great Christmas. For some neat stories about the Vegas blogger trip, read some of the people on my blog roll. Looks like all had another great time.

I have had a couple downturns where variance has caught up with me but overall still up good and playing good poker. I must pause and pat myself on the back for some great patience shown lately after what was an abnormally great run of cards started to get caught on the river by some not so abnormal bad play. The best was when one player called three bets blind versus my AA with 64 sooooted and hitting runner runner flush to beat my set. I could only laugh though and ended up getting even with him later with another set that busted him so all was right in the universe again.

The holidays have consumed most of my time lately. I love Christmas time but I hate shopping, go figure! I have done well this year, I'm done with all the shopping and I haven't given one early gift yet! That is a weakness of mine. Go get the perfect gift and end up shopping again at the last moment because I cracked and gave it early.

The only "down" about this year is that my 8 year old finally figured out Santa. Damn school system. It was a good run though huh? 8 years old before he figured it all out. He was cool though, he still sent a letter to Santa and told me he was just "making sure". I about died laughing. I can't wait, I think I am worst than the kids. I know I am getting an Ipod (I picked it out) and the new Chris Ferguson WSOP game for PS2. With my son getting the PSP, I might just sit down Christmas day and shuffle me up some tunes and win a bracelet!

Speaking of winning, I play at what is turning out to be a regular Friday night game with some family and friends. $10 tournament with anywhere between 9-16 players on any given night. I have had numerous third and second place finishes and finally broke through with a win Friday. I told them about the Head Hunter tournaments at JetSet and everyone brought $2 extra for their bounty. I ended up taking out 5 and winning it all. Not a bad little pay day.

Well I guess that is it, maybe till after Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone and Be Careful!

Till Next Time!

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