Thursday, September 08, 2005


First off there is a host of sites doing Katrina Relief Tournaments. For a list of the ones I know of, go to and look down the left side.


Now for poker. Yes, I said poker! I mentioned a silly quest that I was following at the ITH forum not to long ago. Well, I was going to do it as a fun way to get back in the swing of things. The whole idea in a nutshell is start with $20 at .50/$1 table. Playing your regular times, move up limits when you reach 20BB of the next limit. So to move up to $1/$2 you need $40 at the .50/$1 level. There is a link to the post below. The goal is to get to $15/$30. Someone at 2+2 posted the odds of you making it past $5/$10 was like 83% against. So its not like you would do this for the money. I have been playing at Poker Stars just to clear the last bit of their bonus and it has been interesting.

I am not trying to look down or anything but it has been A LONG time since I have been at .50/$1 and wow what a donkeyfest. Talk about no foldem holdem, this was it. Took me 156 hands to get to $40 and that was mainly due to two HUGE river suckouts. Both of the runner runner variety.

I am now at $74.50 at the $1/$2 level but as the title suggests...prioritities man! It is 6:48 EST and the football season starts in 12 minutes! New England and Oakland. Don't really pull for either team BUT IT'S FOOTBALL!

So with chips (eatable kind) and beverage of's time for the recliner. I will post update on quest soon. It started as a way to get back in the swing but I have learned some things I will share after my NFL fix.

Till Next Time!

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