Monday, September 05, 2005

Hopefully an Omen

Hopefully I got my return to the grinding world of poker off to a good start last night. Played in the season opener of the 72os Tour last night and made the final table and ended up 5th!

Though not exactly grinding, its a NL tournament, I did show great patience and selective aggression to get there. To be honest, feels real good, even invigorating. I think I am ready for the real world again.

OK, I have been intriqued by this silly quest I have been following on ITH forum. Think I will give that a try on the side at UB. Have a little money left there and it sounds like an interesting experiment. If you read through it( page 5 or 6), someone from 2+2 gives him the odds of succeeding in this quest. I am going to try it anyway. I like a challenge.

About half way through with the re-reading of Small Stakes Holdem. There are some concepts that are a little clearer now and I am getting the "why" behind the plays a little better. I always find little things here and there that I am not doing or not taking into consideration or just plain forgot when I do this readings. I always enjoy the eye opening "OOOHH, only when this happens should I be doing this" revelations when going over the strategy parts.

So poker is looking up again BUT even better!!! Another life altering moment, Tuesday - Sept. 6th, SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!

I love my kids, I really do. Thank God for school. This is my first summer as a "house husband" and I would at this time like to get on my knees and bow down to all the mothers (and fathers) that are full time stay at home parents. Almost drove me back to work! LOL. I made it though, barely, with only minor permanent brain damage.

Doesn't seem like all things come in three's. Same here. Are You Ready For Some Football! Wow, was it nice to see that on TV again. Over the coming years Eli vs. Peyton is going to be a good match up BUT Michael vs. Marcus (Vick's) may be the most exciting match up in years to come. Guess only time will tell.

Its Quest Time so...

Till Next Time!

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Adam said...


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