Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Little Groveling Does Help

Groveling to the poker gods and actually putting in the hours. For all those that may have mentioned me to the poker gods I do thank you. Been a good couple days, ESPECIALLY at the Poker Stars PLO8 tables. Been playing mostly .25/.50 and .50/$1 PL and though I am still new to the Omaha H/L game, I must say they are really juicey.

I have made about $100 a day playing about 3 hours and one table at a time. Talk about teaching you patience! There are about 5 players I recognize as always in these games (so far). They rarely play a hand and when they do it is usually big. They are always 1 1/2 to 3 times the minimum buy in also. They play good starting hands, they play them hard and I am learning a bunch by watching them. I have seen a rise in my game in the last couple days and even winning a few big pots with just the low after a pot size bet on the river.

Still getting some weird things happening to me at UB and I'm getting my ass handed to me over there. So I am done with them for a while. Last night, 5 players limp and I see the flop with 57o in BB. I flop an OESD and turn the straight. The turn and river get capped....MP has 57 and we split! I'm just getting torched over there right now.

I'm thinking of cashing and going to Noble Poker for their 100% up to $700. Jsaw says the $3/$6 there are unbelievably fishy so with the new software upgrade, I beleive I will try it.


Enough of me, if you have a good joke, Felicia can use one. Send one to Alcanthang or sign up here. Still thinking about you.


For those Star War fans who don't know what to do with all their poker you go!


Thats about it, on to more grinding!

Till Next Time

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