Monday, November 14, 2005

Pacific Poker

Man, welcome back!

BB/100 hands - +25.75
Went to Showdown - 11.11%
Won at Showdown - 100%
First hand won - KJo late with a K on flop and J on turn and Ax calling me down with ace high :).
Worst beat - AA to 86o

Ok, it was only a small 1 1/2 hour session but it was my first session in over a month! So a quick reveiw of Pacific Poker since this is my first time there.


Bonus - It is $100 which in now a days standards may be low but they give it to you up front like the casinos do and you can use it. Must wager $2000 before cashing bonus. Not a bad deal.

Comp Points - Every 100 comp points gets you $1. May not be a lot but I like the concept of loyalty = money.

SnG's - Ok, I am no expert at these and they do start you with only 800 chips BUT they have low limit 4 table tournaments that pay well. I played in a $2.50 one that payed 1-3 $50 - $30 and $20 respectively. Not bad and no breaks so they play rather quickly. (I finished 5th)

Software - I like that the chat is totally seperate and you don't see it unless you want to. Software is OK fast and I never had connect problems. (I am on DSL)

Layout - This will go in both lists. Very user friendly. Don't have to go searching through tabs to find what you are looking for. All right there in lobby. Tables on one side, tournaments on other.

Play - So far seems very fishy. No draw to remote or pair to low to call you down with. Good tight aggreesive play will win a lot of money but just be prepared for the suck outs to take a big pot or two.


Multi table - you can not multi table at Pacific. Trust me, you can make just as much at one table (LOL)

Layout - For me the tables are too dark. I know that is minor but it bugs me.

Pop Ups - There are not a lot of options to customize the look and feel of the site and like must sites now a days have little pop up announcements for there tournaments that just irk me. To me it is like a fly that will not go away. They were few and far between but still a pet peeve of mine.

There you have it folks....POKER CONTENT!!

Till Next Time!

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