Tuesday, August 02, 2005

More Converted?

Been playing PLO8 exclusively this week and I am up big. It amazes me again and again how many people will put ALL their money in on a draw. Whether it is a nut low draw or flush draw or OESD or whatever! I have seen it over and over. It doesn't even need to be the nut draw either. I saw someone go all in and needed runner runner to hit a low...no high hand at all. One that spent $28 on THIRD best LOW hand. Boggles my mind, but can't complain. Money is good.

I haven't played any Holdem since last week and can see I am becoming more converted by the day. I guess I can say I am 50/50 now. I will look at both Holdem and O8 tables before sitting anywhere. Really wanted to play in the Poker Stars WCOOP in Omaha H/L but there aren't any. May try a couple in Holem though.

Hold on to your hats...I am even winning at UB playing PLO8!! What I think I will do is ride the wave and when the eventual evening out comes, I will switch back to holdem. Hopefully it will keep everything fresh and lower the burn out rate a little. We'll see I guess.

Till Next Time!

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Shhhh! Don't spread this around!