Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The System

Before I get into my anecdote for the evening, I would like to take a moment and thank Felicia for taking the time to drop a comment on my last post. With all that you have been through, to take the time to visit a blog that is still in its infancy and looking for its direction means a lot to me. Thank You!

I would like to start this story out with the first part of one of my many favorite sayings:

Luck doesn’t give; ……….

I would like to share an experience today with a player we will call Normal. Now, Normal seemed like a good ole fella. He didn’t talk much but seemed polite enough with a “NH” here and there.

The first hand Normal plays was masterful and I knew it was going to be a mind altering session right from the start. I make a pot bet from the button with AK23 (A3 suited) I see a great flop for me with nut low and 4 flushing. I bet pot. Normal is only caller. Turn was a 7 and river a blank and I split the pot with Normal who called both pot bets with 7772!!!!!!!!

This was to be part of a master plan though, because two hands later found Normal hitting a river ten to win half a pot with TTTA!!!!!!! Now up some $20 on his $50 buy in, Normal installs part two of this master PLO8 plan, he plays every hand no matter what. I warned you, mind altering. This is pure genius. Since you never know what 4 cards could actually turn into a hand, play all of them. I got chills, knowing I was sitting to the right of such a great thinker.

He ran his buy in up to $117 with many plays like the ones above. When step three of his plan was sent into motion…..take a break. He set out for a while for what could only be a self satisfying moment that only a mind like his could conceive.

…..It only lends.

After his return he slips back into the masterful play of before. Something was a miss though. The planets were not aligned right. The power was gone and he left the table 35 minutes later with $37.

Fully distraught over what happened, I threw away all my notes on my fallen hero. I was certain I had found the system to all new sorts of riches. Guess I will have to go back to grinding and doing it the hard way.

Till Next Time!

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