Monday, August 08, 2005

Things I have learned playing PL Omaha H/L:

1) A2 is played like the “Holy Grail”.

2) Nobody considers their low could be quartered.

3) Patience! Patience! Patience!

4) A lot of people playing, very few understanding the game

5) Don’t let them chase the low.

6) Some will chase it anyway.

Been a VERY profitable run so far in my “new” game. I have really enjoyed it. I still find it uterly amazing how many people out there that will just throw their money at you. I am not winning every time I sit down but it is close to 90%. The betting patterns of these players are freakishly predictable.

Don't get me wrong now, there are a few here that really know what they are doing, I just stay away from them. For the most part though it is easy money. It is even amusing to see someone bet pot time and time again pre-flop and check the flop of all high cards over and over. Then berate you for calling down when they bluff.

Of course I am still playing the $50 buy in PL games so I am sure as I move up the players will get a little better. I can say though I am really enjoying playing again. Even finished in the money of a PLO8 2-table SnG on Stars.

Till Next Time!


Anonymous said...

Do you play the majority of your poker in casinos or online. If you play online where do you feel is the best place to play Omaha. Thanks. Also, i have a new poker blog that is starting up and you can read it at

4Flush said...

I am only playing Omaha H/L right now and all online. I would be remiss if I didn'y include Party Poker as a top site just based on pure numbers but I really enjoy the games at Poker Stars