Thursday, October 13, 2005

I got this from my 7 yr old from arts and crafts at school. Kinda wonder how the conversation went with his teacher.

Son: That's my daddy
Teacher: Whats he doing?
Son: Playing poker.
Teacher: Do you watch him?
Son: Yep, all the time. My dad is always playing.
Teacher: Oh really now!

I expect a call from Social Services any day now. I'm glad my kids know what I do. Neither has shown a strong interest yet. My 13 year old daughter has boys and my son still see's it more like a Playstation 2 game than anything else. I'm not sure either of them understand what poker is doing though. I am talking about the good things poker has done.

The season passes to the amusement park, the new school clothes, Playstation 2 games, contacts for daughter, eating out and all the other little extras I can do now with the extra income. Of course the big picture like college and extra savings and retirement account now that my wife is working is a big plus also. I never tell my kids "poker paid for this" or "poker allows us to do that". I don't think it matters much or that they really care how we do these things, as long as we can keep doing them. That's fine with me. If an interest ever develops, I will be more than happy to show them "the ropes". I just hope they show an interest AFTER they get jobs and have their own money! (LOL)

Till Next Time!

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