Monday, October 10, 2005

Time's They are a Changin'

So Party Poker has decided to keep its players (pdf) to itself it seems. Wonder what will happen to all the rest of the skins now. Empire should be fine with Noble Poker( that deal makes sense now).

Not sure if I talked about it hear but I told some friends a few months back that it will not be long before the big will start eating the small. I think this is just the beginning. Rumors abound about who is buying who and who is switching to what network. Will just be one big poker family before long.

Speaking of the family, after 6 events I am still leading the 72os Freeroll Season 6. One more shot to take me out will be Sunday's Wild Card event. This event can be used to replace a finish in the previous 6 events or make up for a missed event. Funny how I thought this was a needed game to allow for people to miss an event and still have a chance. Now I wish it was never created...LOL. My worst finish so far has been 49th. Best thing I can do is make another final table and put it away. Top 40 make the $100 Championship game but like I posted earlier, so close now, really don't want to lose it. Finished 8th in last one and I have put together 6 weeks of some good poker. Hopefully can put in one more good night.

Haven't played a lot of poker lately. Have a few side projects going and taking up much of my time. Going to Atlantic City on the 21st-24th and I am getting stoked about that. Going to be a fun time and hope to get atleast one live MTT in before I leave. Maybe by the time I have freed enough time to play again there will be only one big poker room to choose from..LOL!

Till Next Time!


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Grinder said...

If you have not played at Multi/Empire since the break off- be ready for a big change.

300 hands last night with the average table (at least in 1/2 and 2/4) 23% VPIP.