Monday, October 17, 2005

I Did It!

After 6 events of NL tounraments, I held on to finish FIRST in the 72os Freeroll Tour. 6 weeks in a row of solid poker. Who knew I had it in me! With over 100 people a week, I consider this a good accomplishment.

I am not much of a tournament player. Actually, other than these tournaments, I play about 1 other tournament and/or SnG a month. Well, not this month I guess with trying to qualify for the Pacific Poker $50K tournament but usually thats the case. Needless to say I am proud of myself.

Not sure if this is real or a hoax, it was emailed to me. If it's real...DAMN!

This crocodile was found in New Orleans swimming down the street. 21 FT long, 4,500 lbs, around 80 years old minimum. Specialists said that he was looking to eat humans because he was too old to catch animals. This crocodile was killed by the army last Sunday at 3:00 pm, currently he is in
the freezer at the Azur hotel. The contents of it's stomach will be analyzed
this Friday at 2:30pm


Atlantic City FRIDAY! Yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till Next Time!

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