Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Once again....

Katrina Relief For the second time this year, the Red Cross needs your help bad. Man, the Gulf Coast is a mess. Please help if you can.


On the poker front, nada. I even missed the Head Hunter Tournamant for 72os on Sunday. I haven't missed poker at all....till recently. I think I am getting close to jumping back in. After watching the Young Guns tourney on the Travel Channel tonight where they were chatting it up, laughing and having a lot of fun at the table. Even playing blind (David Wiliams) and getting cracked after flopping trips! Just got me to thinking about sitting and the tables again. I think my patience is back and ready for the test.


On the Freeroll front, revamping of the site is complete. I always will tinker but like the new layout and organization. Messing with some SEO programs (free of course) and have learned SO MUCH! So I haven't been completely away from poker!


My daughter turned 13 yesterday. 13!! I have a teenager. I remember my parents talking about "I remember when you were just X years old and you ....." Now I am doing it. I can't beleive 13....1 year to high school, 3 years to drive (As I keep getting reminded), 5 years till college. WOW time flies. Just another step closer to over the hill for me :)

Till Next Time!

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