Friday, April 01, 2005

Not going to Vegas...but not bad

To win a tournament. You have to get lucky. You have to win draws, catch rivers and swim like a shark

- Matt Dean - Ship It Poker

Last night I could do none of those. Finished 92 out of 766. All because of two VERY dry run of cards.

First hour I was at a table of gamblers. I waited and waited. How much did I wait. I played ONE hand. KK and doubled up +. It was easy. Raised 5x pre flop, two callers. All in when no ace fell. One caller who had an ace and a straight draw (If he got runner runner.)

First half of second hour I was stealing a little and stayed above avg. chip stack. Then the cards just went dead. I was moved to a table with a loose big stack two to my left which curtailed my blind stealing and didn't see anything worth playing for about an hour.

Well into third hour with antes and blinds going up I pushed with ATo into a rag flop and took it down to keep my head above water. Then I went dead again. Wanted to make a move before I got low enough not to be respected and push with T2000 in the BB with AJo. 2 callers and the board 2 paired so I though I would at least split. The river was a K and I was out to KJo.

When I got chips the cards went dead. I got low and got QQ and AA to get me back some and then went dead again. Never sustained a run long enought to be able to do anything. 92nd for a guy who's only MTT credits this year are two TPTK Oamha H/L events and the Full Tilt WBPT HORSE event, not to bad.

So long March! I for one will miss you. It would have been nice to tack on a trip to Vegas but it was still a great month. I hope the last few days at Poker Room aren't an omen of things to come in April.

Till Next Time!

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