Monday, March 28, 2005

Having fun yet?

Still clearing Poker Room bonus. Slow going and not doing to well. At the $1/$2 tables I have reviewed about 2000 hands and have come to the conclusion that NO ONE will fold at Poker Room. If they have over cards, any draw, or worst....BOTH! They are staying to the end. This weekend, the river has been bailing them out. I'm still ahead of the bonus but just barely. I have 700 more points to get. Will get it knocked out this week for sure, just hope I have money left when it is done.

I haven't seriously hit the Absolute Bonus yet so that will get my full attention next. That will leave Pokerstars, Ultimate Bet and then a coordinated effort to clear Full Tilt. Still have a lot of hands ahead of me.

That doesn't bother me. Iggy has an uber-post and some of it addresses the playing poker for a living debate again. In it he says he may consider a "real" world job again. He, of course, is right. It isn't "all that" but, so far, it is for me. It is not a get rich quick option, nor is it glamorous and at times not even fun. You have to put in the hours just like a real job and it takes some commitment and self control. Sometimes being the only chief AND the only Indian can really cause some problems.

I spent most of my life so far in sales. Commission structure, so if you don't sale, you don't get paid and in essence you could lose money you were used to getting if you had a bad stretch in sales. Same with poker don't play and you don't get paid. Play and you could lose money.

Just like any "real" job, I love/hate playing poker for a living. The best part: My boss is real cool and lets me do anything I want. The worst part: My boss is real cool and lets me do anything I want. So if asked if I would recommend this type of work? I'd have to give the standard answer, "It depends". Just like any move in employment, it takes planning and a back up plan if it doesn't work.

Speaking of a plan, time to get back to mine.

Till Next Time!

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