Saturday, July 16, 2005


All of it is gone.

After the brief break in the curse I have been at best break even but that is not the real problem. I am lacking any type of motivation or enthusiasm to play lately. I took two weeks off about a week ago and nothing so I think I will take a few more off.

I can track down why this is happening to two causes. My wife landed a fantastic job with Wachovia bank and I now it is not a "play or go hungary" scenerio. For some reason that has zapped the motivation right out of me. I'm not multi tabling and it just isn't fun anymore. I posted a while back how keeping it fun was to me the most important part. If you are not enjoying yourself, you can't perform at the level needed to be sucessful. I have proven that again to myself recently.

The other cause is I am home. I actually have begun to get a life. (LOL) I have my two kids all day to myself and we go swimming and currently involved in a very serious game of Fantastic 4 on the PS2 with my 7 year old. I am of course running 4Flush and helping my dad get his site going and added a forum for him. Now we are getting ready to lauch a little shop from his site and some other things. Add to that I am racing the remote control cars again and well, I have been distracted.

The one good part in all this is that I haven't lost the desire for poker. I am still refreshing all the WSOP sites and keeping an eye on the big show. I not sure that is good for some though. Rooted for Ivey (out), Raymer (out) and just said a couple nights a go that the jail house to the pen house would make a great movie...Matusow (out). I think I am going to bet a fortune on one of the last 7 guys remaining and root like hell against him so I will win.

I did enjoy playing in UB's new 3 table Sit N Go's and may try a few of those instead of the constant grind of limit play. I still have a few bonus dollars to work off there and at Poker Stars but that will have to wait a little longer.

Till Next Time!

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