Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Broke the Curse

It started with a $9 winning session and turns into a mini-run. I guess for now the curse is broken. OK, so it wasn't a Red Sox or Cub's curse but it still had an effect.

I was playing Sunday in a $1/$2 kill game on UB. Bought in for $100, wasn't long was down $15 and holding steady. I was chatting with a friend and said if I get back to even I will stop and feel like a victory. Then I realized that I hadn't updated the freeroll calendar on my site and decided I would just play till I was done doing that. Then BAM! JJ goes down to 55 when a 5 hits the river and AK goes down to KT when he straights on the river. Dang, down to $55 and the curse hangs in.

Then I get A8s in the BB during a kill game and flop comes 8 high. 4 people call me down and my pair of 8's win! Up to $94 and three hands later QQ holds up and I leave up $9. Now you can add 2 more winning sessions to that and all is well again.

Even thought he whole time I knew eventually the cards would turn, it is still so frustrating to see moronic play rewarded as you sit and throw away hands they are calling raises with and winning. I think thats what makes the game so interesting, complicated and frustrating. Also why keeping your head during the down swings is so important.

Til Next Time!

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