Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Madness of "Same"ness

The up and down continues. The only thing keeping me from going insane is that the ups have been a few dollars more than the downs.

More oddities: I saw 11 (after I started counting) RR str8's hit at Ultimate Bet Thursday night. I folded 7 that would have hit for me. Best one (Partly cause I was watching and not getting sucked out): KQs call 2 cold preflop (Understandable). Flop comes A4T(r)and he calls 3 cold.(??). Turn is a "x" and he calls 2 cold(??) River is the J and he beats a set of T's.
I sat at the table with my mouth wide open on that one.Usually you salivate with those players but they were sucking out on the river like crazy Thursday Night. I eeked out a small lose after one of those bad river beats and called it a night.

This brings me to something that has happened to me now for about three weeks. So I get on Friday afternoon and play for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and get back what I lost and some.
I have done this a few times...The day games as a whole should be tougher but I get them better than I do at night. Might just be a fluke, and not enough actual experience to say for sure yet or might be that the new aggressive me works better against people who know where the fold button is. Not sure but appreciate the afternoon come backs.

I will finish a successful bonus hunt at UB this weekend, less I get smashed over the head or something I will get bonus ++!

Im sure there will be some interesting bonuses coming out for Christmas. Right now Ultimate Bet is doing 50% reload up to $100 (May cash and go back) and Interpoker is 100% up to $100. I like the Crypto sites bonuses, the are great for a true bonus whore, like clock work every month. Of course the old stand by 15% at Absolute Poker. I haven't gotten an email from AP this week so hopefully they are planning something good for next week. I'd like to wait for that since I have money there, I can deposit and get bonus and cash to go get the others.

I really enjoyed this today, the whole post is excellent as always but the part about poker full time was superb...check it out:Party Poker Blog

Well, got to take my shot at the Bet365 $5000 freeroll today. Will try to post on weekend exploits Sunday night.

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Ignatious said...

thank you sir. i'll be pimping you soon. :)