Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Up and Down

Been an uneventful up and down 2 days. Rereading SSH and trying to be more agressive. And do see the advantages of aggressiveness far out way the short comings, but breaking old habits are hard.
After jaming a 4 flush a couple times and missing, all the while being called down by bottom pair, makes me slow down sometimes. I am finally starting to get it through my thick head that if you jam and miss then passively play and hit, your losing money!
I know, some of you are saying..."DUH!". Hey, old dogs, new tricks, you know! Having the same problem with AKo and and SSH are working on it though.
Oddity: Had KK 7 times last night and it was cracked 4!!Prove a point: Played it the same way pre-flop each time and won more in the three than I lost in the four! Folded it twice on turn when I knew I was beat (I was).
Oddity: Lost to set over set to get down big. Played for an hour and got back to even when I won set over set. Played another hour and got down big when I lost to full house over full house At end of night, got back to respectable when I won full house over full house. EXTRA ODD: Both winning full houses were RR!!
Finished down $25 (Only $5 with bonus). Started hot and got cold for about two hours. Was getting hot again when table broke up. It was 3am so I went to bed.
Found this at the blog: Why Poker?. A dealers perspective.

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