Monday, November 29, 2004

Good Weekend

Played Ultimate Bet exclusively this weekend and was up real good till Sunday Night when I gave some back. So I am up above and beyond the bonus and though I will not get to take advantage of Absolute Poker's 15% this week, It should be there next week.
Due to playing $1/$2, it seems like it is taking forever to clear this UB bonus. The play has been predictable up till tonight when I ran into three "any two cards will due" and "if suited raise it" players. Even when I got good hands they were cracking them, I left but not after dropping a few.
Went to Poker World a few months back to get a free chip set. Left and still had $60 in bonus sitting there, so I emailed them and asked if there was an expiration date or would it stay there until I cleared it. I got an email back saying after they reviewed my account they found that I had met all the requirements and my bonus had been cleared. I checked the account and sure enough, there it was. I cashed out Saturday night and it was in Neteller Sunday afternoon. That was great. I like everything about Poker World except I couldn't win there for whatever reason.
Well, here's to hopefully my last week at $1/$2.

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