Friday, February 18, 2005

Whats New!

I just realized tonight that I haven't played poker on-line in three days. Mostly due to my site being down, switching hosting companies and figuring everything out again. The new hosting company has a lot of features that I didn't have excess to before so it has been like Christmas here for me in the last couple days.

For those of you that come to this blog through my site, I will give an update on the changes. First on the poker front, no changes! Still right where I was 3 days ago. Last I played I finished the Interpoker monthly bonus. (If your bonus chasing, this one is a must) Cashed out and have never cashed back in anywhere! I'm pretty sure it will be Intertops next. They have a $10,000 Freeroll for "active" players at end of the month so I think I will go over there and be active.

My site now has a new looking calendar. This one is much better than the old one (Came with new host!) I like the mouse over feature when you view and the admin stuff on this side makes my life easier. The big difference is that it is a stand alone calendar so I have to link to it instead of displaying it like before but it opened up the page for a Special Monthly Promos section. I will be able to list all the "special goings on" now on a monthly basis.

The new hosting company also allows me to do newsletters. So I am considering a monthly freeroll newsletter. Though this will be down the road a few months it is a probable happening. You will be able to sign up through the site. I get a lot of good stuff from the poker rooms each month and a newsletter will be a good way to pass it on.

The last "new" thing going on is that casino bonus chasing has entered the back of my head and is making its way forward. Been doing some background reading (here and here). Might give this a try next month; just have to get my head wrapped around it.


Go read Iggy. He is posting a 10 part story that has been hilarious!

I finally got around to updating the blogroll so just sit back,relax, grab a refreshment and read them all! Great stuff being written all around.

Till Next Time!

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Iggy! said...

Hey big guy,

I would suggest hitting up PlanetLuck and StarLuck if you're interested in casinos. Also Reef and CON are can't miss. Between those 4, I made about $800. Helps adding to that bankroll and you can't mess it up just following the BJ chart.

Make sure though that you understand risk of ruin and variance though when selecting your bet amount. If you ignore that, you're asking to get busted out.

Good luck,