Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Loving it Live!

2 more weeks in the 12 week session on the live events. Then the top 40 get a final tournament with awards to the final table. It has been a blast. You have to complete 12 events to qualify, and the top 40 go from there. I finished events 11 and 12 tonight. Drew the 10s in both events and finished 3rd in both events. To add a little more wierdness, lost with TT big in both events. Now I have 2 weeks to up my final score because only the top 12 events count. I have a couple bad showings I would like to erase.

I haven't played online in a few days. Just been taking it easy. Got a new hosting company and waiting for domain transfer. I waited 12 hours to hear something from my now previous hosting company, got 4 emails saying what I had done wrong then one final email telling me what they "found" and fixed and I should be OK now. I am OK now, I switched!

I have been wondering about the importance of poker in the grand scheme of life and since my last couple of posts have been lacking a lot, my next post will be about what I discovered. Hopefully it will be from a different angle than what you'd expect.

Till Next Time!

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