Friday, May 13, 2005

Good Hand/Lesson Learned

I sat down at an Omaha $1/$2 H/L table last night at AP. I only need a few points to knock out another $10 in bonus so I thought I would sit for a bit and clear it.

I sat with the minimum $20 thinking I would fold a few hands, get the bonus and go to bed. 70 hands later I have $1.88 left. So I decide to blow that and grumble off to bed $20 lighter and still short of bonus. I work myself back to ~$9 when this happens (Talk about BB Special!)

STAGE #124156438: OMAHA HI/LO NORMAL $1/$2 [ 2005-05-13 00:02:33 ]

Hero - Pocket [Qd,9h,2c,5c]
UTG+1 - Calls $1
MP - Checks
SB - Calls $0.50
Hero (BB) - Checks
*** FLOP [4c,7c,Ah] ***
SB - Checks
Hero - Checks (Not the best low or flush draw)
UTG+1 - Checks
MP - Checks
*** TURN [4c,7c,Ah,6c] ***
SB - Checks
Hero - Bets $2
UTG+1 - Raises $2 to $4
SB - Folds
Hero - Calls $2 (Worried I am getting quartered now and my flush is weak)
MP - Calls $2
*** RIVER [4c,7c,Ah,6c,3c] ***
Hero - Bets $2 (I officially have no worries now )
UTG+1 - Calls $2
MP - Raises $2 to $4
Hero - All-In $1.82
UTG+1 - Calls $2
*** SHOW DOWN ***
UTG+1 - Show cards [7d,9c,Kc,9d]
Hero - Show cards [Qd,9h,2c,5c]
MP - Show cards [Kd,8c,5d,8h]
*** RESULT ***
Total Pot($27.82:$27.46,$0.36) Rake ($1.25)
Board [4c,7c,Ah,6c,3c]

Hero - Total ($26.21) All-In HI - ($13.11)Straight flush, six [Qd,9h,2c,5c - B:6c,P:5c,B:4c,B:3c,P:2c] Lo - ($13.10) [B:Ah,P:2c,B:3c,B:4c,P:5c]

UTG+1 - Total ($0.18) HI:Straight, four to eight [Kd,8c,5d,8h - P:8h,B:7c,B:6c,P:5d,B:4c] LO - ($0.18) [B:Ah,B:3c,B:4c,P:5d,P:8c]

MP - Total ($0.18) HI - ($0.18)Flush, king high [7d,9c,Kc,9d - P:Kc,P:9c,B:7c,B:6c,B:4c]

Just wanted to clear bonus and went from $20 - $1.88 - $45.15 when I finally finished. (Including bonus)

I am very happy with the recovery but would like to point out an error in retrospect. It was late when I sat at the table and to be honest, I sat down for all the wrong reasons. To play to clear a few hands for bonus did not put me in an "A" game frame of mind. Then I sat with the minimum $20. Again, I had the wrong motive and wasn't set up to take advantage of any situations. After a few misses and some unbelievable suck outs, I was down to $1.88. I went into BB and incredibly enough, it was folded around.

Forgetting about the results, this is where I made the biggest error of the night. I should have quit or reloaded. The reality of it is...I should have quit. I was tired and frustrated with the cards I was getting beat with and to top it off I wasn't going to get to the hands I needed to clear the next $10 bonus.

I’m not trying to be over critical but I reviewed the session in the new Poker Tracker Omaha while I was getting this hand to post and found out that the run from $1.88 - $35.15 (without bonus) COST me about 12 bb's. That’s $24 more I could have had if I would have reloaded and been able to fully bet the hands I had. That’s almost double what I came out of this with.

I only point this out to show that having a proper buy in at all times is important. Now I don't think you need to top off like in NL when having the max buy in available really counts but keep and eye on your buy in even in the limit games and keep enough at hand to fully take advantage of every situation.

Till Next Time!

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