Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Not just another day

Not just another day today. Nope, today is special. It used to be a day of weeks or even months build up of anticipation surrounding it. It used to be a day that took a year to get to but only seconds to come and go. Now it seems like they are coming way to fast.

Today is my Birthday. Today I am 38.

All I can say is that I have enjoyed the ride so far and can not wait for the rest to unfold.


Like Mr. HalversonI have also kept looking for the article about the WPT creator Steve Lipscomb and it is finally postedonline.

Mean Gene thinks we bloggers are missing a golden opportnity for some exposure and should back Jay Lovinger of ESPN fame in his quest for the WSOP.


I have been on a steady roll lately on the poker front and have increased my roll to a very healthy state along with paying my half of the monthly bills. Lacking a full PLO8 table as of late I have sat at the $1/$2 O8 tables. I am just learning this game and was worried I would be donating more than winning but decided I would have to pay my dues to start getting better sometime.

I found out a few things. The bonus clears at incredible rates at PLO8 and though I do not consider myself a shark yet, I found out I am one of those fish that eat other fish. I was updating my freeroll calendar at Absolute Poker the other day and noticed a full table (only table) of O8 going. It was $1/$2 and a seat was open. I sat and used the Hutchinson System to evaluate starting hands and before a hour was up I had doubled my by in and cleared a part of the bonus. The table started to break up and I left soon after. I believe the double up was just good cards but was very pleased with the bonus clearing rate it produced. With so many people limping, 90% of all hands met rake requirement pre flop. By the time the hand was over, very few didn't meet rake requirement at all. I decided to look and see if there was a table going later. There was a few going that night, I sat and though I didn't double this time, I did increase my by in 50% and cleared another $10 of bonus.

I am going to continue to play these O8 limit tables this week and see where I stand. Might as well download the Omaha Poker Tracker and start gathering information so someone smarter than I can write a guide and teach me how to use it. Maybe AL and Mean Gene can write one. It was their posts that got me into this to start with.

Till Next Time!


AlCantHang said...

Happy Birthday!

Now do a shot :)

Ignatious said...

happy bday!

jsaw said...

Happy BDay Boss

Wolf said...

Happy birthday man!!

That Hutchinson system for PLO8 looks interesting, I'll have to give that a shot.