Saturday, January 08, 2005

3 for 3

Well, my limit game is in a little slump. Poker Room went ok last night, down 10 bb's for session. Was never up but was down almost 25 bb's at one point. So maybe the turn around is near. Let’s hope so.

Did play a freeroll at a new site last night. Poker Host is a nice site with fast software and some neat extras. About 100 people registered so far and a very enticing 110% first deposit bonus.

Now for the best news of the week. Bet365 $5000 freeroll. 3 weeks ago I backed into 300 for $4.75, last week I finished 253 for $6.00 and this Saturday I finished 158 for $7.50. So that’s $18.25 with a starting bankroll of $0. So I decided I will try the .01/.02 NL tables and see how far I can go. Of course I will keep playing the Saturday Freeroll , since I am 3 for 3 in last 3 weeks. Now I suck at NL so if I can money, anyone can, so check it out next Saturday. Everyone else is: 1800 3 weeks ago, 2200 last week and 2505 this week.

Not playing tonight. Will play my normal schedule on Sunday. I am being patient and waiting for right cards and then playing half of them all wrong. So I am watching football today and relaxing. My aggressiveness is all messed be honest is missing entirely, so I will take this time to straighten up and get back in gear. I know a lot of people think freerolls are a waste of time and a crap shoot, but they are good for getting your game right for no risk. Once you get past the break, they usually end of playing pretty good. So I feel better about my game a little and look forward to a Sunday turn around.

Till then:

Play Well!

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