Friday, January 07, 2005

Another Day...New Attitude

There are far more greater things in life than poker and far more important things than a good run or bad. If you will, support the events at you favorite site for the Tsunami Relief effort. If you would like to help the American Red Cross directly... here is the link.

Tsunami Aid

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essense of inhumanity.
George Bernard Shaw (1856 -

Now for poker:

What a bad couple days for me. Empire was what I expected except none of my cards were holding up. Day two was more of the same and add I wasn't getting cards on top of that and it was frustrating.

So out with the old and in with the new. So on to Poker Room with a new attitude and we will get this ship turned around.

I noticed some interesting trends at the Evil Empire. (Part of the horrid play)

1) Call no matter what with any A. They limp in and call any raise with any A. I saw many of showdowns were it was called down with one person holding A high and losing.

2) Any two suited will due. That is a trend I see everywhere.

3) Slow play preflop. I must say that this was more prevalent here than I have seen anywhere else. Many of time I saw people "wake up" on the turn, or must likely river, and flip over AA, KK or something.

4) Check the flop/turn and river and then bet 1 bb into a 1.5bb pot. Either with top pair/a piece of some kind or the nuts. The risk/reward here is a little askew.

5) No draw is too remote to see if you hit. Just keep calling no matter how much it cost for your gut shot, or 2 outer, or miracle card.

These are all trends as a good poker player you want to see, recognize and take advantage of. Now I was on a bad run and was only their two days so I got creamed but in the long run I could have made out for sure. One of the big negatives of bonus chasing is that it is a form of hit and run. If you get hot it can be very profitable and if not, go to the next bonus.

Hopefully a good report after tonights play!

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