Sunday, January 09, 2005

I Can't Win

This has been the second worst losing streak I have had in by short 1 year poker career. Horrendous doesn't even come close to describing it. I have dropped 100 bb's in two days with no end in site. The only reason it hasn't been worst is that I have ended my sessions early.

Some examples:

AQ has lost to AK with A on board 11 times

28 PP's = 3 sets that have all lost

Can not remember last flush or straight I have hit

Some detail:

KTo in sb - 4 people see flop of KT8..I bet-BB calls as does 1 other. Turn=8 I bet BB raises and I check down to see his 82o. Not a bad beat just the fact that his 2 outer hit. Then I watched as he gave all his money away in the next 2 orbits. None back to me.

QQ in mp-I raise. 4 see rag board and I lose to slowplayed KK

NEXT HAND: QQ-Capped Preflop. Qxx board and 2 hearts. Capped Flopped Turn is heart checked around. River is heart and I lose to J8o!!! and the J of hearts.

Rivered 12 times in a SB/BB showdown and lost.

I know it will turn and the cards will start hitting but it doesn't help with the frustration and anger I feel when someone flips over crap to beat you over and over and over.

I think even worst is the guy at the table playing 85% of the hands, over betting every face card and getting bailed out on the river time and time again and you see him up over $100.

Then everything comes full circle when you start misplaying hands and folding winners to over betting fish with any ace and the frustration level blows through the top.

As half my brain is focusing on venting as I write this, the other half is telling me all the things I would say to someone if it was written by them. Even knowing the answers is frustratiing.

So before tonights session I am going to review my play and make sure I am making the right decisions and then continue on hoping the poker gods will take pity.

Right now, at this moment, I hate this game.

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