Friday, January 14, 2005

Good Week So Far But ......

nothing like the sites are having. Check this out from Poker Gazzette:

UNITED KINGDOM –In the two years since online poker first tempted punters, the industry has grown from $100,000 in gross rake per day in January 2002 to between a staggering global $2m and $2.5m While online gaming itself continues to grow at a dramatic pace, the online poker industry has more than tripled in the past year according to statistics provided by

"The top operators are earning around $200m per year, while an estimated $16m was wagered at online poker sites in the last year. In that time many gaming companies, web and lifestyle brands have entered the poker space, particularly in the UK. There are now some 300 sites, around 20 networks or stand-alone rooms, and there are still more commercial and gaming brands planning to launch a poker room.

Watched "Tilt" last night. I found a well written, insightful review that about sums it up for me....."It's bad, folks."
I'm afraid I have to jump on the bangwagon on this one.

Now on to poker:

I have been on a great run this week that has continued through yesterday. I played NL at Poker Room and the AM session was up. Since I had the $5K New Player Freeroll at The Gaming Club I slipped in a late afternoon round and finished that up also! After an uneventful start to the $5k freeroll and got on a run and ended up finishing 40 out of 740 for $25! Last hand I was in better than average shape and made a push for the final table. I was 20th out of 40 when I get ATs in EP2. Blinds are 1500/3K. I have a friend sweating me and coaching along the way. He's last comment was "No limping now" so I raised the minimum. I get one caller and see a xTx flop rainbow. I go All In and he calls with AQs...proceeds to hit RR flush and I am gone! I was dissappointed but hey, I won $25 from $0. I guess my luck was used up on this hand!

Blinds were 500/1000 and I get JJ in the SB. Folded to me and I raised the minimum hoping for a call from BB. He does. Flop if X4X. I bet half his stack, I have him about doubled in chips. He calls. Turn is a 4 and I go all in and I am instantly called. DAMN! He flips over KK. I am toast! What a great slowplay. Wait! The chips are coming my way! The river was the improbable 2-outer J! I have been told that to finish well in a MTT you have to win a few coin flips, play well, pick your spots, and get a little lucky. Guess I had all them going last night.

On top of all that I get the "we want you back and here is the free money to prove it" email from Party Poker. COOL! Its only $20 but it is with this money I will break into the blogger NL table! But so far, this table has alluded my grasp. Maybe I need to learn the secret hand shake or something. :) Maybe the sound of a NL Wanna-Be Newbie Fish with $20 will be enough to get me in!!! Only time will tell.

Till next Time:

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