Wednesday, January 12, 2005

NL = Patience

I am happy to report that I am up over $100 in less than 10 hours of my NL playing. That would be 3 sessions in two days. I bring this up because:

1) I am proud of it

2) I am not on a good run of cards

Now, my cards have been OK and I have had some good pay off hands but not anything I would consider abnormal. Every PP hasn’t been a set; every draw has not come through, ECT.

Patience does pay off though, maybe better than limit. Now before everyone thinks I have jumped off the limit bandwagon, I have not. I still strongly believe that limit is where you can make your best money per hour. NL is a profitable diversion though. I have begun wondering if the $25 “Minor League” NL tables are more worthwhile to play than the lower limit tables. I have a ways to go in hands and experience to decide that.

Before I hammer home the patience theme with my experience from last night’s table, I must admit that my search for the NL “Holy Grail” table of bloggers failed last night. I will never give up the search though!

Now last night’s table. There was a player there ironically with “nut” as part of his name. Now Nut was playing 100% of the hands and 100% of the time would raise the minimum pre flop. If it was raised before him he would reraise .25 and kept reraising .25 till you gave up. Of course he was getting lucky as his $2 pre flop call with T5o hit two pair and his 36o UTG turned a straight. He busted a couple people and the ranting began! He was up about $40 at this point.

“I can not believe you played that!”, “What an Idiot!”, “Moron” and all the rest we have heard. Now, I’m sitting there wondering why these people want to run this guy off and the strangest thing happened. Nut replied “HeHeHe” and “You’ll never know what I am playing”. Instead of leaving, he was giving it back in the chat and kept playing his game. Now the people he beat left! I couldn’t believe it. The table was down to 6 and I feared it would break up but in a few seconds it was full again and all was well. I was folding a lot waiting for the right time. See ….Patience!

While I was waiting to pounce, with the chat now buzzing with the new player’s comments, a fellow player chimed in “If you want to bust this moron you have to play more hands!” Now, normally I would guess that this was a shark trying to set the whole table up and keep one eye on him but, he was down half his buy in and not playing the most stellar poker I have ever seen so I just figure that was tilt talking and forgot about him. At .35 a round in blinds why not just wait for the big payoff! Patience again!

As you can see I am not getting an over abundance of great hands here but then I look down to see TT in MP1. I limp knowing that Nut will raise and also I needed a set to win because at this point, if you were in, you were end to the end because Nut was playing everything to the river. My first break came preflop when only 4 people saw flop after Nut’s minimum raise. The flop came A6T two suited. WOOT! An EP checks, I check, ready to unload the fury of my whole stack. Nut makes a pot size bet, which was no surprise had done that the last few hands, 1 fold and the EP goes all in for around $18. Now EP was a decent enough player so far and I now he either had AT, A with good kicker or maybe flush draw. I also know he wanted to be heads up with Nut, I almost felt sorry for him as I went all in over top of him. Nut wasn’t going to call, he folded 9-10 times if you raised over top of him on the flop, and the new guys just didn’t know that. Sure enough, EP was on flush draw and my set holds out. So 1 hand in an about 30 minutes and I double up.

I notice now that there must be blood in the water, a few more people leave and a few more sit down and everyone now wants Nut one on one. The sharks have arrived. I see Nuts stack go from a high of $65 down to $25 in a few hands. He gets on another run to build it to $40 but in less than 1 more orbit he is busted. A chant of “Reload” “Reload” reverberates in the chat box. He obliges and the race continues. I get a few more unspectacular hands and leave up $36. Our hero? At last look he was down to $8. Let the chants begin.

Till Next Time,

Some people are angry at the thorns among the roses...others are happy that there are roses among the thorns.

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