Thursday, January 13, 2005

NL Run and Live Play

I must first take the time to show my solidarity with my fellow bloggers and let it be known that 72os is a powerful hand! There are still "doubters" though. My God have mercy on your souls.

There has been a lot happening in our community lately and since Maudie captured it all, I’ll be lazy and let her tell it.

Still playing NL and loving it. I know that all will not stay right in my little world for long buy for now I will live in the blissful happiness. (Up 41 BB’s or $11.70 an hour) The only complaint I have so far is that if you play a hand correctly, hit that hand and make some money…..the table breaks up.

I’ve only played 606 hands so obviously the reverse effect will come soon. That’s why I am cramming myself with as much NL info from books and forums as I can. A correction in the numbers above is inevitable I just want to be prepared to keep as much of my winning as possible.

Jsaw found a web site for a Texas Holdem league near our homes. We went there last night and played. The tournaments were run in a SNG type fashion with dealers provided. Was a superb set up and we played over top a bar…what could be better! I played live for only the 3rd time in my life. There were 20+ people there and we played two tournaments. Its $6 to play per tourney and your rewarded points, top point winners get a special tournament at end of season. Start with 3500 chips.

1st tourney had a guy there, had been drinking a “little”, playing every hand to the river and had a horseshoe up his ass. I was card dead and just folding my way around. Was four of us left when the horseshoe fell out and one of the regulars took out the drunken guy. Down to three - Jsaw in third with ~T2000 chips, me in second with T2200 and the leader with a bunch of chips. Jsaw goes all in next hand and is taken down by the leader. They want to set up another tourney so me being behind over 15 - 1 and go all in blind and tell them to deal one more and lets start over. I was more than happy with 2nd and my cards really were crap.

I doubled up. Ok I said, do it again. I doubled. Blinds went up to 800/1500 and I had some chips. Won the next two hands and game on! Next couple hands were folded by me. Then I call BB with QTs and see a flop of QJx. He goes all in, I call and he shows AJ. No help and now I am the chip leader! Next hand he goes all in again with KQo, I call with 55 and he spikes a Q and we are about even again.

We swap hands a few times and the final hand has me go all in with AKs and getting called by his KQo. I have him covered and we share a K on the flop. No more help and I complete the miraculous comeback. What a time to get a rush of cards and also for lady luck to wake up and shine her light on me.

In the 2nd game. Jsaw doubles up on first hand by hitting his OESD on the river against the now really drunk guy. That was all she wrote. He plays great anyway but with a big stack he is murder. I found that I had used up all my power for the evening and bowed out unceremoniously 6th. Jsaw went on to win and hopefully will write about it soon.

Going to be a busy evening because I am still trying to clear Poker Room bonus, have a Gaming Club New Player freeroll and “Tilt” is on ESPN. I know all about the reviews but want to see for myself.

Till next time I leave you with a point to ponder:

How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?

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