Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Nice to get away from limit for a while and the $25 NL was good today. Surprised to see how passive the tables were. Sat at three tables today that seemed like it was limit. Minimum bets, minimum raises, checking down, no one tried to buy anything. It was crazy. I raised QQ $2 twice and everyone folded, limp in, 6-7 would see the flop.

Did run into one guy today that liked to see flops. Played anything face, but would bet big when he hit. Caught on to that real quick and I guess the others did too, he ran it up a little then re-bought twice and left.

Found a quote today that sums up my last few days of poker:
Just remember... if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off

It was fun playing again today. I realize that I missed that the last few days. Iggy brought that up somewhere in his uber-post. Got to keep it fun. My wife even noticed that I was cussing at the computer a lot more lately, so I will work on some poker diversions and keeping the game fun. Some NL will become a staple to keep the diversity in. I have read everywhere lately it seems about people getting beat up. Even some of our fellow bloggers are having it ruff.

I remember reading a lot last year at this time about bad runs also. I guess it could be expected. All the Christmas money pouring into the sites, dreams of there minimum deposit becoming retirement, quitting their jobs and going pro, ect. Its interesting thinking of this now because I know that eventually with good play and solid decisions they money will come my way.

In reading some of the blogs and posts on forums, there is a quite confidence in the "good" players that you can see in there posts and writing. Even when they are complaining about this beat or that beat, you get the feeling that they are a moving closer and closer to the kill. Just a matter of time and the luck will run out and all will be right with the world again. I know, I'm rambling again. It is just even during the downward struggles of my limit game lately, I remember telling my wife, just need more hours. I guess there is a quite confidence in my game also.

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